Perplexed – DP

My son is a fantastic writer but he doesn’t write, I’m perplexed.  I don’t get it, he’s a natural wordsmith and orator with a fabulous understanding of English language but does not have enough  belief in himself.

I would die to be able to write like him, well you know what I mean. I wouldn’t die as I need to be his mum but you will get my drift I’m sure.

I write quite simply, I don’t use long words because I don’t have many but I think I get my point across.  I am so immensely proud of my son and his ability to use words to conjure up imagery, he’s ability to debate and get his point across, his kindness and respectfulness in communications.

I’m not biased, well maybe slightly but he is a fabulous writer and I’ll say it again I’m perplexed.  Amongst other things, he writes short stories and when pushed he might blog.  Okay, he uses the odd expletive but not to much to put you off.

Today he wrote a story called Collection on WP. I would be so grateful if you would take a look, he needs some followers to encourage him -

Thank you lovely people 🙂


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