In Nothing..

It’s in doing nothing we find ourselves,

or someone we might know.

Whilst contemplating something else,

the universe somehow unfolds.

In trying to find the meaning of being,

it’s only more questions we find.

Although pointers drop into awareness,

when thoughts are left behind.

So close the books and take a walk,

through natures winding trails.

Inspiration will glisten in setting suns,

mingle in leaves that fall in gales.

Reflections you see on the rolling tide,

smile right through to your soul.

Connecting to all that surrounds you,

ending up feeling you’re whole.



Lessons in the Dark

Even the dark path can be the right way, when we learn from the mistakes we make. Some of the pathways we tread through life lead to dead ends, but in reaching them we learn something. Not all our lessons come easily, not all are taught in the light, some need us to travel through the darkness for a while.

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like the right way, sometimes we think there might have been an easier option, this indeed might be the case but not everything worthwhile comes easily. Listen to your inner voice, listen from within your heart, for only then will you find the right way. 

~ Liza



Pathways Travelled



Lots of walks I take alone,

where I walked with you before.

Strolled the pathways of the south,

there isn’t many more.

We used to talk of many things,

the flowers and the trees.

Collected bouquets for the hearth,

that I’d arrange to please.

We tried to answer lives great question,

what is it all about.

It was nature gave us pointers,

sometimes it would shout.

We saw all the babies in the spring,

then lone robins in the fall.

Those walks were like the theatre,

and they didn’t cost at all.

Now I walk those tracks alone,

still trying to work it out.

Our very favourite question,

of what is this is all about.