Nature Lessons 167

Hiding behind others, be it people or excuses will never take us far. Standing out in a crowd and speaking our own truth might not be the easiest option but it is far more beneficial to our growth. Leave fear in the dark where fear resides and step out into the daylight. To make sense of our thoughts it is better to speak of them.

~ Liza



Nature Lessons 92

If we could look back on the path we have taken to reach this point, how many of us would fully understand our life stories, are we not just products of our experiences? If we are to fully understand ourselves and move forward, it is helpful to look the events that brought us to this point.  As an observer, stand a little to the side and play out those scenes.  What did we learn from those difficult episodes, what do we understand now and how can we care for ourselves moving on?  

~ Liza


Nature Lessons 91

Even on the bleakest winters day the sun still rises each day, birds continue to call in the dawn and nature unfolds as it should.  There is a beauty in the stillness of winter just as there is during difficult episodes in our own lives if we look for them.  Find the beauty around you, find it in silence, find it in hope and find it natures messages.  

~ Liza