Nature Lessons 111

The greatest gift we can leave is truth, to help those we leave behind, teach them through the lessons we ourselves learnt.

~ Liza



An extra nature lesson today at the request of a blogging friend  🙂

21 thoughts on “Nature Lessons 111”

      1. Absolutely! It’s my pleasure. Social media and the online platform used judiciously can connect like minds to bring positive change and propagate life changing messages. 🙂 Sure, learning happens everyday and every minute.


      2. I believe, we will be surrounded by lot many things, but we finally choose what we want to. So, if we choose the positive aspects, we can learn immensely through conversation and also self-learning; same goes for life, we may have many distractions around us but if we are resilient and focused and choose what’s best for us life becomes meaningful. 🙂


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