Cut Flowers

Cut flowers continue to live in our homes, they continue to open, turn towards the light, drink water, smell and metabolise.  My flowers last longer when I talk to them and stroke their petals, weird maybe but fascinating all the same.  There is probably a perfectly logical scientific explanation for this, but I like to think it’s a reminder that life goes on.  

~ Liza






13 thoughts on “Cut Flowers”

      1. How is your day going? We have a new batch of snow. I’ll see if we can’t get new pictures. It mostly melted due to rain, now it’s snowing, so much so school’s been cancelled. There is a lot of the pretty white stuff.

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      2. I’ve moved, where I lived we didn’t get snow, it was considered a rainforest, so in 30 years it snowed 3 times and disappeared almost instantly. This is further south which should nulify snow, but nope, in a week we’ve had 8 inches. It won’t stay, they are calling for rain, then more snow then rain and finally by thursday, hardcore snow, lol we’ll see

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      3. Lol indeed can’t believe they cancelled school omg I grew up on the prairies in -50 degree weather and literally walked in snow passed my knees, so they cancelled school when snowplow have cleared the roads and ppl have vehicles in which to drive sheesh

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