Nature Lessons 110

Remember those that have left before us, not with sadness and misery but with joy and celebration. Isn’t that what they would have wanted, is that not what we want for our own children when our time comes for us to make that final journey. If we want to be remembered in happiness, we should practice it while we live, let our children know now, that happiness is okay, let it be ourΒ epitaph.

~ LizaΒ 


19 thoughts on “Nature Lessons 110”

  1. If only many thought like this, depression would run far from them.
    I’ve seen people who have allowed negativity to seep through that it has affected them and their family around them.

    Lovely post.

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      1. I understand but I believe if you can’t help yourself then no one else can, so it must start from you. I hope those struggling from it aim to work to improve it and recover from it.

        It’s not impossible, it’s all about the mindset.
        A pleasure and yes I agree, we reap what we sow.

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      1. Absolutely true! I feel, in our effort to make life easy we forgot the effort and struggles (mentally and physically) required to shape life. We choose to be the example we want to be for others and how we want to be remembered.

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  2. This is so true but I find it very difficult, my mum used to say if we grieve too long the deceased can’t rest 😳which I think is rubbish, but I would not want to think my children were upset for years after I depart!

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