Come Sit..



Come  here to sit with me for a while, 

under this this kindly tree.

Let us talk some of times gone by,

and see what we might see.

Let us travel beyond those years,

to when we were together.

Cuddled up here in this same place,

sheltering from the weather.

Can you remember what we agreed,

while we sat here that day.

To remember me with happiness,

especially when I’m away.

The tree can certainly bare witness,

look at him bow his head.

He can see me sit beside you here,

he understands I’m not dead.

It’s only another dimension I’m in,

I can still sit here with you.

I want you to remember what we said,

and to remember it as true.

I’ll always be close beside you my dear,

wherever it is you might be.

But instantly I’ll connect with you here,

if ever you sit under this tree.





Nature Lessons 110

Remember those that have left before us, not with sadness and misery but with joy and celebration. Isn’t that what they would have wanted, is that not what we want for our own children when our time comes for us to make that final journey. If we want to be remembered in happiness, we should practice it while we live, let our children know now, that happiness is okay, let it be our epitaph.

~ Liza