Nature Lessons 343

That a flower comes from dry cracked earth doesn’t matter, it still blooms. Where we come from shouldn’t matter, it’s where we are going that’s important. Let those cracks you grow from fill with the moisture to feed your emotions so that you might grow into the most spectacular flower.

~ Liza


Nature Lessons 106

The flower in growing from the seed opens to the universe.  The flower has only itself to offer to the world. The beauty of its bloom and trust in the elements to support its pathway through life. When we put aside the trappings of materialism and open up to that which is essential to our growth, such as love, trust and awareness of the self, we will be much closer to finding our true purpose.

~ Liza



What Colour is Love?

Is it the deepest red of blood, of passion and lips.



The pink of sweet fairies to the pinkest rose hips.


The white of the purest and brightest universal light.


Then lilac to purple, from dawn through to night.


Orange through to peach and all things in between.


Buds yet still to open, the wonder to be seen.


Yellow for friendship, for the sunshine up above.


So can you please tell me, what colour is love?




Nature Lessons 89

We have many different sides to our personalities, we show these different sides of us depending on our relationship and desires.  There is the warmth and softness we show to those we love, the fruitfulness we show to attract and pull people in towards us and the more protective front we use to cover up or slip away from those we are not so comfortable with.  There are complexities to our  individual personality traits, they change with the seasons and are dependant on our needs at any one time.  A good thing to bare in mind is that whilst we are displaying one aspect of ourselves, we never know who else might be watching and absorbing what we are putting out from somewhere else in the garden.  

~ Liza



Nature Lessons 81

Does the flower compare itself to others, does the bee only choose the most beautiful.  Does the bird only nest in the most beautiful branch of a tree.  In nature beauty goes much deeper than the surface, beauty is measured in goodness.  Those who let their spirit shine will always attract others.  Beauty after all is in the eye of the beholder, those who can see the depth and goodness in the spirit beneath the surface.

~ Liza