What Colour is Love?

Is it the deepest red of blood, of passion and lips.



The pink of sweet fairies to the pinkest rose hips.


The white of the purest and brightest universal light.


Then lilac to purple, from dawn through to night.


Orange through to peach and all things in between.


Buds yet still to open, the wonder to be seen.


Yellow for friendship, for the sunshine up above.


So can you please tell me, what colour is love?




14 thoughts on “What Colour is Love?”

  1. If you can pain it than love has color?!
    But when you want to describe it you need so many words to do that.
    So there are so many colors in the word ”love”.
    When you love somebody you’ll say love you.
    I can’t live without you,you are my world,you are my everything.My purpose,my everyday,my existence…..
    You need the color of life,of a day,of meaning to paint that one single word.

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