What Colour is Love?

Is it the deepest red of blood, of passion and lips.



The pink of sweet fairies to the pinkest rose hips.


The white of the purest and brightest universal light.


Then lilac to purple, from dawn through to night.


Orange through to peach and all things in between.


Buds yet still to open, the wonder to be seen.


Yellow for friendship, for the sunshine up above.


So can you please tell me, what colour is love?




Nature Lessons 103

Like a rose, each one of us is different. We grow in different ways, from different soil and experience.  The choices we make are based on our own interpretation of life, how we see and experience the things around us. Growth is affected by experience and understanding of life events and the individual challenges we face. Each of us has magnificent potential and each of us is beautiful, we just grow in our own way, in our own time.

~ Liza


Nature Lessons 37

A rose is more than just a flower, it’s a beautiful perfume that follows us around and stays with us. It’s confetti for a bride and a carpet of petals on the ground.  A rose is a gift or love, a welcome and a goodbye and a beautiful memory to cherish.  May your own spirit grow into the world like the spirit of a rose.

~ Liza



Gift to the Rose





Take any rose and look some more,

you’ll see that it is made up of four.

The head, the stem, then leaves and thorns,

each of these a rose adorns.

Her head the beauty pulls us in,

 thorns so pointed, protecting kin.

The stem she has such a vital task,

to feed the flower so long it may last.

Leaves capturing the light as energy,

assist the plant so she can breath.

And then the roots that we can’t see,

anchoring her in so she can be seen.

Look again when a rose you see,

 generous friends so she can just be.