Just Being

When you feel unconnected, out of sorts, confused and just not with it. Treat yourself to a little nothingness. Imagine yourself just being, become if you can, a flower opening.  Just be in this space for whatever time you have and enjoy those moments of opening, feel yourself expanding out into the world.  As you open each petal, know you have everything you need to move forward, connect and watch the confusion you felt just drop away. 

~ Liza






Nature Lessons 79

However beautiful, clever or successful you have become retain humility. Remember your journey, know that it was your roots that led you to where you are now, however difficult your journey might have been. Life has a way of reminding us should we forget, nothing is certain. Blossom but not at the expense of others, take time out of the spotlight and let them too have there day.

~ Liza




Nature Lessons 37

A rose is more than just a flower, it’s a beautiful perfume that follows us around and stays with us. It’s confetti for a bride and a carpet of petals on the ground.  A rose is a gift or love, a welcome and a goodbye and a beautiful memory to cherish.  May your own spirit grow into the world like the spirit of a rose.

~ Liza