Nature Lessons 98

The pathway of a the flower is clear, from bud, to full bloom to decay.  The flower continues to grow, moving through all these stages of her life in absolute beauty.   Does the flower already know her path, is she connected to the eternal source when she reaches up to the brightness of the sun, is her life just a small part of her journey home.  Be the flower in life, accept and relish each moment for what it is, knowing that it is all part of the eternal journey. 

~ Liza




There are many flowers on earth and many seasons in which to bloom.  As each flower withers and dies another springs into life somewhere else.  To experience both joy and sadness in ones life is to understand balance, the changing of seasons of life, and that each ending brings with it the potential of a new beginning.

~ Liza



Nature Lessons 79

However beautiful, clever or successful you have become retain humility. Remember your journey, know that it was your roots that led you to where you are now, however difficult your journey might have been. Life has a way of reminding us should we forget, nothing is certain. Blossom but not at the expense of others, take time out of the spotlight and let them too have there day.

~ Liza




Righting my Wrongs


Treading of footsteps throughout my mind.

Of days gone past I should have been kind.

Rose petals falling, loving words never said.

Lone flowers unplanted, a void in my head.

Vacant spaces, channels not making sense.

Vast chasms of darkness, held in suspense.

Retracing my steps, I paint these halls bright.

With glorious blooms, I put my wrongs right.