My Magic

So if I buff this dusty lamp,

will the magic work for me.

Will it bring me happiness,

a house with a money tree.

Could I be a brilliant writer,

of philosophy and the like.

Will buffing this piece of metal,

really make all things right.

Or I should work on the inside,

cleanse the soul so to speak.

Polishing up those scratches,

no room for blurry streaks.

And then would it be magic,

is magic just a good deed.

I’m excited by the prospect,

now I’ve planted that seed.

Magic is what you make it,

and magic is kindness to me.

Humility and understanding,

not only the things I can see.

These qualities magnificent,

they brighten up any day.

Once you’ve given magic out,

it won’t dull or go away




Nature Lessons 79

However beautiful, clever or successful you have become retain humility. Remember your journey, know that it was your roots that led you to where you are now, however difficult your journey might have been. Life has a way of reminding us should we forget, nothing is certain. Blossom but not at the expense of others, take time out of the spotlight and let them too have there day.

~ Liza