My Magic

So if I buff this dusty lamp,

will the magic work for me.

Will it bring me happiness,

a house with a money tree.

Could I be a brilliant writer,

of philosophy and the like.

Will buffing this piece of metal,

really make all things right.

Or I should work on the inside,

cleanse the soul so to speak.

Polishing up those scratches,

no room for blurry streaks.

And then would it be magic,

is magic just a good deed.

I’m excited by the prospect,

now I’ve planted that seed.

Magic is what you make it,

and magic is kindness to me.

Humility and understanding,

not only the things I can see.

These qualities magnificent,

they brighten up any day.

Once you’ve given magic out,

it won’t dull or go away




Goddess of Creation

Put on your golden goddess cloak and create beauty, step out as the goddess you naturally are and bring transformation to everything you touch. 

There is a goddess of creativity in all of us just waiting to break free. We create through everything we do, each and every action we make creates ripples that touch others. 

If each of us consciously wear this goddess cloak today, just think of the difference we could make. Lets invite the goddess of creativity to step out amongst us.

~ Liza


Nature Lessons 90

It might be just a small weed but it blows freely in the wind spreading itself far and wide.  I think that the pleasure it gets from what it gives out maybe far greater than the adoration other flowers might get from their beauty.  It doesn’t take an awful lot to leave bits of yourself with those you pass, kindness, happy memories and something to think about.  It’s a beautiful thing to touch others with love and kindness as you pass along your way.

~ Liza




It doesn’t take a whole lot, 

to put a kindness out each day.

To help a friend in trouble, 

and send them on their way.

To notice what’s occurring, 

by opening up  your eyes.

To do a little something special, 

give someone a surprise.

It doesn’t take much time at all, 

to smile a little more.

With your hat and coat, 

to put your smile on at the door.

To brighten up anothers day, 

really takes no time at all.

Before going to a party, 

give that lonely friend a call.

It doesn’t cost to give out love, 

you’ll get it back for sure.

The more you give the more you get, 

there is always plenty more.

And if you are ever feeling lonely, 

or ever really blue.

You’ll be amazed how much love, 

is given back to you.