Realise – DP

I would get you the stars and moon,

if it would help you to fly high,

but realise it’s just a dream, 

to be floating up on high.

I would conquer all your fears,

if that would make you smile,

but realise they are not real,

but understanding takes a while.

I would go to the end of time,

to help you to start again,

but realise I might bring back,

those days so full of pain.

I would march into kingdoms,

put you on a throne,

but realise it wouldn’t change,

you’d still feel so alone.

I would demand all stars to shine

spotlights down on you,

but realise it wouldn’t work,

it wouldn’t please you too.

I like to gather all the love in the world,

and place it on your knee,

but I realise your not wanting that,

it’s just enough from me.


I wrote this response to the Daily Prompt Word Realise, thinking about someone who is going through a hard time at the moment.


It doesn’t take a whole lot, 

to put a kindness out each day.

To help a friend in trouble, 

and send them on their way.

To notice what’s occurring, 

by opening up  your eyes.

To do a little something special, 

give someone a surprise.

It doesn’t take much time at all, 

to smile a little more.

With your hat and coat, 

to put your smile on at the door.

To brighten up anothers day, 

really takes no time at all.

Before going to a party, 

give that lonely friend a call.

It doesn’t cost to give out love, 

you’ll get it back for sure.

The more you give the more you get, 

there is always plenty more.

And if you are ever feeling lonely, 

or ever really blue.

You’ll be amazed how much love, 

is given back to you.