If I had realised half the things I have started in life would turn out the way they did or cost as much, I may not have started any of them.  Then again, I suppose that would make me a different person.

It’s not only the big things, it’s little ones too.  I started posting ‘Nature Lessons’ linking my thoughts with photographs as quotes for fun, I thought it was a nice idea and thought I’d give it a week or so and make a little collection.  I’m on day 43 now and realise I might have to continue for the rest of the year, maybe longer.  If I make it a year then it’s another 322 pictures and quotes I need to come up with, that’s a lot of thinking let alone walks in nature in the freezing cold!

So I have come to the realisation that I need a good camera, although my iPhone 6+ does take some nice snaps, I want to get some better ones, like night shots and distance.  I know nothing about cameras so I’m hoping this post might help generate some advice.  Oh and I don’t have a fortune to spend 😉

Last night I went down to the seafront, it was 150 years since the opening of the West Pier.  Anyone who follows my blog will know I love this place and never tire of photographing it.  It is beautiful and I think very powerful and last night as a celebration of 150 years the town was lighting it up.  I hoped to get some great snaps but unfortunately my iPhone  camera is not any good after dark (see below ;-)).

If I start something and set my mind to it I finish it, not all my ideas come into fruition, I have so many of them, but those I start become part of me.  Well that’s apart from lifestyles like the diets, but that’s because they don’t work, oh yes and the yoga 😉

Funny how things turn into habits and we find it hard to let them go.  Like coffee, wine and smoking, although I sort of finally nailed that one.  Then there are the relationships we probably knew were not good for us in the start, what’s that all about?  But then again if I hadn’t met my sons father I wouldn’t have such a wonderful son, so I needed to do that one too.

I’m now hooked on writing and I really enjoy adding photos to my work.  In fact some of the photos I take on my nature walks are inspiration for my words.

I have always liked to write but I’m totally absorbed by writing at the moment, on a good day I might even dare call myself a writer.  I like the fact that I can share messages about life, love and kindness on my blog and I’m overjoyed that some of you seem to like them.  I try to inspire through words and the photos help this process, so you see, I need your help with that camera.



Realise – DP

I would get you the stars and moon,

if it would help you to fly high,

but realise it’s just a dream, 

to be floating up on high.

I would conquer all your fears,

if that would make you smile,

but realise they are not real,

but understanding takes a while.

I would go to the end of time,

to help you to start again,

but realise I might bring back,

those days so full of pain.

I would march into kingdoms,

put you on a throne,

but realise it wouldn’t change,

you’d still feel so alone.

I would demand all stars to shine

spotlights down on you,

but realise it wouldn’t work,

it wouldn’t please you too.

I like to gather all the love in the world,

and place it on your knee,

but I realise your not wanting that,

it’s just enough from me.


I wrote this response to the Daily Prompt Word Realise, thinking about someone who is going through a hard time at the moment.