Trip to the Park

I went to Brighton to meet a friend for coffee yesterday, we met at Preston Park. It’s only a few weeks since I was there but the change is immense. I really enjoyed walking around, talking to the flowers as I do ūüėČ

Summer has arrived in the UK this week and I’m loving it.

A thirsty tree
Running Water


I took quite a few photos, some individual flowers I might use in posts but wanted to show you the beauty of my walk.


A Temporary Stay


I’m renting at the moment, it’s temporary. I’m renting a flat while I take a breather, plan for the future and set myself up, but it’s certainly temporary.

Life is temporary, we are here for just a while and yet our spirit is infinite, our spirit continues long after this life. We travel through many lives, what seems to us a lifetime is just a temporary stop off, like another lesson in school. We enter the classroom, absorb what is being taught, store it somewhere, gather our things and go onto the next lesson.

I like the flat I’m renting, it’s new, modern and spacious. I’m on the balcony at the moment, I just love having an outside space. I don’t like the town of Worthing, it’s not my sort of place, the people are not my people, it’s hard to explain but Brighton is more my vibe. Brighton is full of interesting people, vibrant, weird and wonderful. I can find stimulating conversations on every corner, art and music are just a stones throw and the food choices are huge. I tried to find a good bakers today, I’ll go into Brighton tomorrow and while I’m there, I’ll go to Infinity Foods and stock up on essentials.

We could be born anywhere, each time a different place or keep returning to the same place time after time. I think we are involved in choosing but we might also be drawn back for reasons, unfinished business or to continue a lesson. We might stay up to a hundred years, maybe longer, often shorter but it is still only temporary compared to continued existence of the soul.

I can cope with living in Worthing, I have space and I need space, I’m minutes from the sea and the beaches are not covered with tourists. The sea smells of seaweed and not beer and candy floss, that’s certainly a plus. I am fourteen miles from Brighton and can go in any time I need a fix, my son lives in Brighton.

If we look at life as temporary and break it down into parts, we can see it is all temporary. The good times and the bad, nothing lasts forever and it’s good to make the best of what we have for as long as we have it because the tides will change and another lesson will present itself. Each time life presents us with challenges, welcome them and know they are temporary, that they are there to teach us and they won’t last, brighter days are just around the next bend.






The crowds all swarm to the seaside,

the trains are full to the brim.

Then some head down on the road,

as taking the new car for a spin.

The parking is quite atrocious here,

it’s much cheaper to get the train.

By the time you get a parking space,

it is time to head home again.

There’s new oil in the fryers today,

potatoes are pealed and ready. 

The queue is right out the chippy,  

but it’s going quick and steady.

The seagulls are waiting expectantly,

as they love a portion of chips.

Swarm down on the unsuspecting,

you have to eat them up quick.

There’s a¬†murmuration of starlings,

it’s another swarm if you like.

Until they settle down on the old pier,

when all head home for the night.

Daily Post – Swarm


Pets of Preston Manor

On my walk today I went to Preston Manor Garden. ¬†It’s a small garden off of Preston Park and connected to the old manor house. ¬†Along the walls of the garden are the graves of a number of pets, I can only assume from the old manor house. ¬†It’s weird seeing tiny gravestones for animals, but I get that we love our pets and welcome them into our homes so why not I suppose. ¬†Anyway these are really old so I thought I would share with you here as another part of my walk today.

Our Darling Punch 1878


There where quite a few more than this, I can only imagine the family that lived here loved their pets.


Venus hanging from the Moon

The other evening I walked around town chasing the moon.  Venus was positioned underneath and it looked like she was hanging from an invisible thread.

The moon and venus over Brighton Pavillion

I was mesmerised and kept it in sight, trying to get a decent shot on my phone which was more or less impossible.  A sure reminder for me to get a decent camera at some point!




Where on Earth 

Royal Pavillion, Brighton, England


Where are you right now,

while working on your blogs,

are you in bright sunshine,

or is it more like fog.

Resting on a great big yacht,

or in a coffee bar, 

waiting in a traffic jam,

sitting in your car.

It’s interesting to think about,

while I write mine here,

I’m guessing on some of you,

others not so clear.

What influence on where you live,

is in your writing now,

is the environment inspiring,

if so please tell me how.

What about the time of day,

it’s lunchtime here for us,

guessing some might be in bed,

or doing other stuff.

I find it quite fascinating,

to think where you might be,

of course in some pictures,

it’s very clear to see.

So tell me in the comments,

let some others know,

we might be nearer than we think,

so lets have a go ¬†ūüėČ


Written as a fun response to the daily prompt word – Waiting

It would be good to find out where people are, where my blog is read and where the blogs I read are written. ¬†It’s fascinating to find out what influences us, environment, weather, literature, culture, religion etc.

How wide is my blogging community?




In Brighton there’s a nudist beach, 

for all to just go and be.

If your into taking your clothes off, 

so other folk can see.

It’s not my sort of pleasure, 

I’d rather cover up.

I’m getting on in years now, 

I’m not such a young pup.

I don’t like to go down there, 

I rather not walk by.

But it’s okay as there’s a pile of stones 

and I keep my eyes to the sky. 

But the other day I tripped right up, 

when I was collecting stones.

I had my eyes cast downward, 

then into that place I did roam.

When I looked up I had a shock, 

nude bodies was all I could see.

I shut my eyes so fast again, 

clumsy, clumsy me! 


If I had realised half the things I have started in life would turn out the way they did or cost as much, I may not have started any of them.  Then again, I suppose that would make me a different person.

It’s not only the big things, it’s little ones too. ¬†I started posting ‘Nature Lessons’ linking my thoughts with photographs as quotes for fun, I thought it was a nice idea and thought I’d give it a week or so and make a little collection. ¬†I’m on day 43 now and realise I might have to continue for the rest of the year, maybe longer. ¬†If I make it a year then it’s another 322 pictures and quotes I need to come up with, that’s a lot of thinking let alone walks in nature in the freezing cold!

So I have come to the realisation that I need a good camera, although my iPhone 6+ does take some nice snaps, I want to get some better ones, like night shots and distance. ¬†I know nothing about cameras so I’m hoping this post might help generate some advice. ¬†Oh and I don’t have a fortune to spend ūüėČ

Last night I went down to the seafront, it was 150 years since the opening of the West Pier.  Anyone who follows my blog will know I love this place and never tire of photographing it.  It is beautiful and I think very powerful and last night as a celebration of 150 years the town was lighting it up.  I hoped to get some great snaps but unfortunately my iPhone  camera is not any good after dark (see below ;-)).

If I start something and set my mind to it I finish it, not all my ideas come into fruition, I have so many of them, but those I start become part of me. ¬†Well that’s apart from lifestyles like the diets, but that’s because they don’t work, oh yes and the yoga ūüėČ

Funny how things turn into habits and we find it hard to let them go. ¬†Like coffee, wine and smoking, although I sort of finally nailed that one. ¬†Then there are the relationships we probably knew were not good for us in the start, what’s that all about? ¬†But then again if I hadn’t met my sons father I wouldn’t have such a wonderful son, so I needed to do that one too.

I’m now hooked on writing and I really enjoy adding photos to my work. ¬†In fact some of the photos I take on my nature walks are inspiration for my words.

I have always liked to write but I’m totally absorbed by writing at the moment, on a good day I might even dare call myself a writer. ¬†I like the fact that I can share messages about life, love and kindness on my blog and I’m overjoyed that some of you seem to like them. ¬†I try to inspire through words and the photos help this process, so you see, I need your help with that camera.




Brighton Bandstand

Brighton is my spiritual home, I don’t think I could live anywhere else in the UK. ¬†If I moved it would be south to the continent, Spain or France but for now and the last fifteen years Brighton has been my home.

Brighton is a seaside town and therefore full of tourists all year round. ¬†Some call it London-by-Sea but having lived in London most of my adult life I can tell you it’s nothing like it. ¬†Brighton is a force of it’s own, it does not mimic anywhere else, it is original, a trendsetting town. ¬†Brighton is kind, it looks after its own and it welcomes the new, this town is very accepting.

I have days when I decide I’m taking time out and I’m going to be a tourist¬†for the day, just for the hell of it. ¬†I drift through the city streets, North Laines and South Lanes (yes, they are spelt differently) and become a tourist. ¬†I stop and sit outside cafe’s and bars and watch the weird world of this town and its visitors go past. ¬†I might stop of at any number of places for a lunchtime meditation or just head straight through town for the beach.

The energy of this town and its people are amazing and I have made some truly wonderful friends. ¬†Weird, I’ll grant you but wonderful in that they are open, thoughtful and caring souls. ¬†I think that’s what drew me here, its different and I’m a bit different too, I like to throw myself in the deep end. ¬†I have conversations here, that would be seen as mad anywhere else, the flies on our walls could tell a tale or two for sure.

At the end of my tourist day I can usually be found on the beach looking out at the beautiful West Pier, this is one of my spacial places, where I draw my energy.

I believe that the saying ‘on the edge’ refers to the sea and those that are drawn to it, but that’s okay.

The West Pier, Brighton

Response to the Daily Prompt – Tourist