The crowds all swarm to the seaside,

the trains are full to the brim.

Then some head down on the road,

as taking the new car for a spin.

The parking is quite atrocious here,

it’s much cheaper to get the train.

By the time you get a parking space,

it is time to head home again.

There’s new oil in the fryers today,

potatoes are pealed and ready. 

The queue is right out the chippy,  

but it’s going quick and steady.

The seagulls are waiting expectantly,

as they love a portion of chips.

Swarm down on the unsuspecting,

you have to eat them up quick.

There’s a murmuration of starlings,

it’s another swarm if you like.

Until they settle down on the old pier,

when all head home for the night.

Daily Post – Swarm