Elicit – DP

I tried so hard to elicit his interest,

I really went out of my way.

My dream you see was all so clear,

I wanted him to stay.

With painted my lips I flashed a smile,

but that never worked.

I think he thought my sexy smile,

was just a childish smirk.

I leaned in close with perfume on,

drifting under his nose.

He just opened the window

that I’d made sure was closed.

I spoke about the arts you see,

hoped he’d think me cultured.

But I made a grand faux par,

that left the boy in ruptures.

Well if I wanted a reaction,

I think I’d  certainly got one back.

I tried so hard to elicit the interest,

of that wonderful boy named Jack.


Response to Daily Prompt Word – Elicit



Where on Earth 

Royal Pavillion, Brighton, England


Where are you right now,

while working on your blogs,

are you in bright sunshine,

or is it more like fog.

Resting on a great big yacht,

or in a coffee bar, 

waiting in a traffic jam,

sitting in your car.

It’s interesting to think about,

while I write mine here,

I’m guessing on some of you,

others not so clear.

What influence on where you live,

is in your writing now,

is the environment inspiring,

if so please tell me how.

What about the time of day,

it’s lunchtime here for us,

guessing some might be in bed,

or doing other stuff.

I find it quite fascinating,

to think where you might be,

of course in some pictures,

it’s very clear to see.

So tell me in the comments,

let some others know,

we might be nearer than we think,

so lets have a go  😉


Written as a fun response to the daily prompt word – Waiting

It would be good to find out where people are, where my blog is read and where the blogs I read are written.  It’s fascinating to find out what influences us, environment, weather, literature, culture, religion etc.

How wide is my blogging community?