Elicit – DP

I tried so hard to elicit his interest,

I really went out of my way.

My dream you see was all so clear,

I wanted him to stay.

With painted my lips I flashed a smile,

but that never worked.

I think he thought my sexy smile,

was just a childish smirk.

I leaned in close with perfume on,

drifting under his nose.

He just opened the window

that I’d made sure was closed.

I spoke about the arts you see,

hoped he’d think me cultured.

But I made a grand faux par,

that left the boy in ruptures.

Well if I wanted a reaction,

I think I’d  certainly got one back.

I tried so hard to elicit the interest,

of that wonderful boy named Jack.


Response to Daily Prompt Word – Elicit



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