Where on Earth 

Royal Pavillion, Brighton, England


Where are you right now,

while working on your blogs,

are you in bright sunshine,

or is it more like fog.

Resting on a great big yacht,

or in a coffee bar, 

waiting in a traffic jam,

sitting in your car.

It’s interesting to think about,

while I write mine here,

I’m guessing on some of you,

others not so clear.

What influence on where you live,

is in your writing now,

is the environment inspiring,

if so please tell me how.

What about the time of day,

it’s lunchtime here for us,

guessing some might be in bed,

or doing other stuff.

I find it quite fascinating,

to think where you might be,

of course in some pictures,

it’s very clear to see.

So tell me in the comments,

let some others know,

we might be nearer than we think,

so lets have a go  😉


Written as a fun response to the daily prompt word – Waiting

It would be good to find out where people are, where my blog is read and where the blogs I read are written.  It’s fascinating to find out what influences us, environment, weather, literature, culture, religion etc.

How wide is my blogging community?



34 thoughts on “Where on Earth ”

  1. Well, I tell you that it is lunchtime over here in Nigeria, my writing has been a little bit foggy these past few days, and I probably write based on inspirations from real life events.

    Glad to know someone is fascinating about me 💝💝😀😀

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  2. I’m on the west coast of Scotland, inland from Glasgow. I’m in the living room, laptop on my lap, looking over at the clock and realising I have to pick up children from school in 10 minutes. Was hoping to work on the daily word prompt but I had college homework to do and I have college tonight so I’ll probably not get around to it 😦 Brighton looks lovely, I always fancied going 🙂

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    1. My step father was from Glasgow, I love Scottish people, for their honesty, warmth and sense of humour mostly! It really is beautiful there, you are very lucky apart from your colder winters. Enjoy your college and see you on here soon :-)nYou should try and get to Brighton, if you ever have chance, it is a one off 😉

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  3. I am usually sitting in my home office to do my blogging, or even more likely on our antique dining room table! Right now I am at the dining room table at my son’s house, since we are taking care of our 3 grandsons, while their parents are at a trade show. Now it is mid morning, the sun still casting some long shadows, and we just returned from a 30 min walk in a nearby park. My wife strolled briskly along on this balmy 66 degree Fahrenheit morning, while I sauntered at whatever pace my grandson’ dog (Yorkie Poo) wanted to go. Now I am hearing the sounds in the kitchen of my wife fixing food for some future meal. After 9 days we will return home!

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    1. 66 fahrenheit and balmy sunshine, where is that, I’m imagining quite far from me? I bet it’s lovely spending time with the grandchildren, lots of inspiration and photos for your blog no doubt 🙂 Enjoy your lunch, I will be thinking about my dinner soon 🙂


  4. We are in Canton, Ohio. These are unusual temps for this time of year. A year ago at this time, it was cold and there were snow flurries. It is enjoyable to spend time with the grandsons, which some of the moments are mentioned in my latest blog post.

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  5. At work in NJ. Sitting at my desk and using the furious typing of comments and future posts disguise my lack of productive things to do. I get the most and best writing done while I’m getting paid to do something else! Hahah.

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      1. You know it’s interesting, people have very different images of me, probably because I don’t really provide one of myself. Some think I’m much older than I am, and others think I’m from different countries, such as yourself. It’s funny to think that my ‘voice’ can be so different depending on the reader. I wonder what my writing sounds like with a British accent or coming from someone in their 30s or 40s. Hahah.

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      2. I’m going to have to give you a different accent now 😉 I have family in NJ, so I think I can work it out haha. Interesting how we create what we don’t know isn’t it. I probably thought you were in your 30’s or 40’s too if I’m honest 🙂

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  6. How interesting was all that, loved it, great to know where everyone is and what there doing. Loved that post.

    Anyway after a morning taking my mum out and about I am sat in my lounge with throw over my knees reading, writing and catching up on Made in Chelsea 😉 just been inspired to write something now 🤔

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  7. Loved the post. Loved the comments too to see where everyone is. It’s something I have often thought about when I blog seeing as how some of my favorite bloggers are not American like l am. I can be found in my home office in Virginia or at work in DC. Today was 85+ F and broke temp records, tomorrow as well. 5 hours behind UK.


    1. Wow 85+ I’m so jealous, it’s getting cold and windy here. I’m also slightly envious you have hours left in bed on this dark drizzly morning 😉 It has been very interesting finding out where people are from, as mentioned above I can now give you the correct accents ha ha. Thanks for joining in Sascha, pleased you liked it 🙂


  8. I usually blog from the comfort of my recliner late at night to finish off my day. I am in the middle of Iowa in the US. We are getting some nice cool autumn days now. GREAT post Liza and just as fun to read all the comments where everyone is from! 🙂

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