Venus hanging from the Moon

The other evening I walked around town chasing the moon.  Venus was positioned underneath and it looked like she was hanging from an invisible thread.

The moon and venus over Brighton Pavillion

I was mesmerised and kept it in sight, trying to get a decent shot on my phone which was more or less impossible.  A sure reminder for me to get a decent camera at some point!




Fish – DP


I went fishing for the moon tonight,

it did not shown its face.

The moon down here was hidden,

from the human race.

So much for a super moon,

I hear an extra one at that.

All we got was sea mist,

or was it fish and chip fat.

I’m extremely disappointed,

I thought it would be huge.

I think the moons not playing fair,

in fact I’d call it rude.


Late response to the Daily Prompt – Fish, I wrote it last night after searching for the moon



The beach is empty but for the waves that greet the shore, there is a stillness.

The surf rolls in bringing with it the shingle and small shells caught up in the momentum of the moment.  They tumble towards the land from the tips of the waves and fall into place upon the shore.   This happens under the control of the tides, the tides under the control of the moon.  The shingle has no choice in the matter it waits where it lands.  The shoreline sparkles in the sunlight, this pinks and whites, the blues and silvers, the solid browns and mottled are placed on the earth at the will of the tides.

This could also reflect our own earthly lives as we tumble from the womb into families as individuals.  The warmth and glow of a loving family may shine upon us or as if by night the dark and coldness of a family bereft of love.  What surrounds us in our earthly existence is left to chance.  It is what we make of the opportunity, how we relate to those around us and how we blend in or stand out and makes a difference.

Like the waves that hit the shore we will be met with challenges.¬† Some will throw us up and into the unknown, many will require us to start again ‚Äď it is eternal.

We will shine in the sunlight, be buried from view and occasionally be left in the dark.  This is the power of the universe we are joined to, at one with.  As the shingle makes a beach and goes on to make land, as individuals we make mankind and influence the future of the earth.

We are connected by chance, but our goal is to become one with the universe by finding ourselves among the shingle.