The rain is playing an awful dirge,

it’s as if it senses my mood.

I’ve told it enough to sling it’s hook,

not caring if I sound rude.

The winters gone on far too long,

grey skies and pouring rain.

It needs it’s marching orders now,

as it’s really become a pain.

So who I pray is friends with the sun,

can you call a favour or two.

Do tell her that she’s welcome to stay,

if she really does listen to you.

Tell her that we find her so radiant,

that’s truly said from the heart.

And ask her to bring blue skies along,

tomorrow would be a good start.







I’ve been spending a lot of time watching sunrises lately, watching from when it pops its head over the horizon until it’s high in the sky.

I know the sun doesn’t ascend, it is a trick of the eye, it only looks like she’s rising through the air. I take so many photos because I know it’s over all too quickly, but these moments are special.




The Constant Sun

The sun is always there, even when it’s behind a cloud or beyond the horizon it continues to shine. ¬†The sun has shined on us for many lifetimes, it is part of who we are, it watches over us, even in the darkest of times. It is constant, like the moon and stars, it lights the way for us.¬†

The sun gives us each day, warms and feeds us and allows us to see the beauty in the world, it connects us. In a divided world that is so often full of bitterness and hate there is only one sun, we can harness its power and energy, but we cannot own it.

We cannot divide the sun or control it, it is a power much greater than us. We are all at it’s mercy, the sun shines equally on everyone despite their creed, race or religion. The sun is our teacher however far away we are from learning its lessons..

Now look up at the sun, feel its warmth on your skin and tell me it’s not love.





October Skies

I don’t like summer ending, but fall can be amazingly beautiful, known by some as the second spring.  

I love the sunsets in October, I love them because they are early enough for me to see them, I haven’t yet started dinner and I have time to sit and watch the sun setting over the sea.  

Skies this time of year are wonderful, for me it’s like the last hurrah to summer.