October Skies

I don’t like summer ending, but fall can be amazingly beautiful, known by some as the second spring.  

I love the sunsets in October, I love them because they are early enough for me to see them, I haven’t yet started dinner and I have time to sit and watch the sun setting over the sea.  

Skies this time of year are wonderful, for me it’s like the last hurrah to summer.  

Name the Day



Daily Word Prompt – Sky

Liza, Liza
Skies are gray
But when you smile at me
All the clouds’ll roll away

Liza, Liza
Don’t delay
Come keep me company
And the clouds’ll roll away

Liza, Liza name the day…………………..etc

I was named that song because mum loved the song and Judy Garland sang it among others like Al Jolson and Nat King Cole.  I like the fact that I can chase clouds out of the sky at least my mum thought I could anyway.  But that’s the thing with mothers, they think their children are wonderful and capable of anything don’t they?