Can You?


Can you harmonise with natures song, 

do you find you are in tune.

With those colours that surround you,

are you coming into bloom.

Are you well placed in the painting,

between wonderous earth and sky. 

Do you sit beside a running brook, 

or join those birds that fly.

Are your actions matched in harmony,

with words that leave your lips.

Are you satisfied in natures arms,

without that social fix.

Can you recognise the fragrance ,

do you have a natural scent.

Do you save the picture in your mind,

after your time is spent.

Can you manage being on your own, 

can you say yes to the above.

Because if you harmonise like this, 

you harmonize with love.



Fragrance and Harmonise

Too late for yesterdays prompt, so added todays as I finished the poem 🙂

Name the Day



Daily Word Prompt – Sky

Liza, Liza
Skies are gray
But when you smile at me
All the clouds’ll roll away

Liza, Liza
Don’t delay
Come keep me company
And the clouds’ll roll away

Liza, Liza name the day…………………..etc

I was named that song because mum loved the song and Judy Garland sang it among others like Al Jolson and Nat King Cole.  I like the fact that I can chase clouds out of the sky at least my mum thought I could anyway.  But that’s the thing with mothers, they think their children are wonderful and capable of anything don’t they?


Purpose, what do I have to offer, why might I be of use?

This is a difficult question to answer, if I set out my stall and you don’t like what I have to offer then I’m left with it.  So it might be easier if I keep it under wraps for a while, at least until I know what you are looking for anyway.

That’s the thing with being up front, purposeful in our approach sometimes, we risk getting knocked back.

If I do have a purpose, it should be firstly to be of worth in some way, be of value and keep you interested.  I need to be honest and reliable ‘do what it says on the tin’ at least, and last a good while.  I need to improve with age and be desired, collectable maybe!


Daily Word Prompt – Orderly

Ron was about as orderly as they come, slightly over the top some might say. He put it down to his time in the forces, whatever it was he liked everything to be spick and span.

He surveyed the apartment one more time and smiled, everything was gleaming as it should. He could see his face in the taps and the sink was dry and polished, not a single water mark in sight but he buffed it again all the same.

He was waiting for Miriam to arrive, she hadn’t been to his home before and he wanted to show her how well he looked after himself. He had always been the same, even when his wife was alive he took charge of the housework. That had been their deal, she did the cooking and ironing and he took care of the house. She had been a wonderful cook, she could make something from nothing all right, they didn’t need to splash out on fancy ingredients. Everybody commented on her skill in the kitchen, it had been difficult adjusting after she went. He was getting better as time went on and tonight he would be cooking for Miriam.

Ron thought he would sit Miriam in the leather chair, save the job of puffing the cushions. He would sit opposite and the could enjoy an aperitif before dinner.

He thought about the music he had chosen, he didn’t want to put it on until after the taxi had left the complex, this way just the right track would be playing when she arrived. Ron looked down to the parking lot but no sign of a taxi yet.

It wasn’t long before the door knocked, Ron was confused he hadn’t heard a taxi.  He hurried over to the stereo and pressed play before having one more check of himself in the mirror and opening the door.  Miriam was standing there somewhat windswept with a dripping umbrella in her hand.  ‘I thought I would walk, clear the cobwebs’ she said, giving him a peck on the cheek and walking past him into the apartment.  Miriam still had her umbrella in her hand and it was dripping all over his freshly polished floors.  Ron quickly relieved her of the umbrella and and pointed her towards the leather chair as planned.  ‘What a beautiful apartment’ Miriam said.  ‘If you don’t mind I would rather sit on the couch, it looks so lovely and comfortable with all those cushions to support ones back’.  Ron screamed silently, he hadn’t sat on the sofa in a year, the cushions were heavy and he wasn’t getting any younger. ‘Of course’ Ron obliged, knowing he should have been faster.

Ron prepared drinks and nibbles and brought them over to the sitting area on a tray.  He purposefully left the tray on the glass coffee table, to protect it from ring marks and crumbs.  Miriam, must have missed this as she pushed the tray slightly to put her glass down on the table.  Miriam told Ron she had brought some photos along to show him and popped her bruschetta on the side to dig into her handbag.  Ron watched as the oil and glass met, he missed what she was saying as she handed him the photo.

Miriam said she would like to use the bathroom before dinner and Ron pointed the way, quickly wiping the table with his nicely ironed hanky chief as soon as she was out of eyesight.  Ron listened as the taps in the bathroom ran and thought about the splashes, thought about the fresh clean towels now creased.

Maybe it was too early to consider lady friends he thought, after all his wife had only been gone six years.

My Epitome of Love

Daily Prompt Word – Epitome


My epitome of love, I miss you every day.

You taught me how to love myself, before you went away.

You loved me every moment, from the the very start.

You taught me how to listen and love with an open heart.

You modelled it so wonderfully, it was very clear to see.

My epitome of love, you loved much more than me.

You loved so many others, in oh, so many ways.

You taught me how to do this, I try to every day.

Your love is indescribable to anyone but me.

So I have to practice what you taught, so everyone can see.

Your loves continues brightly, your love is like the sun.

My epitome of love, my love, my darling mum.

Day out with a Bang

Daily Post Prompt – Fork


We never know what is just in front of us, what could happen that will change the course of events.

This was brought home to me today, when I met my friend for a girly catch up at a shopping centre. I needed to get an outfit for a wedding, a special wedding, so I wanted it to be something lovely. The plan was to stop for some lunch and then wonder around the shops to get the perfect outfit, hopefully a lovely floaty dress, maybe a cheeky glass of wine.

Linda, my best friend, had her foster child with her as the day centre was closed. That was okay with me I love Anne, I’ve know her years. We met her when we were both working with her when she was seven. It wasn’t very long before Linda knew she could give her a home and now Anne is twenty-three. Anne has special needs and brain damage from her early life experiences, along with this she has epilepsy. Anne functions at around four years old but we know how to meet her needs and help her feel safe.

We had a lovely lunch time chat and Anne had a big bowl of chocolate ice cream. I got some nice photos of her, which is hard as she puts on a false smile if she thinks her photo is being taken. The photos were so nice we thought we would pop along to the photo shop to get them printed off. Only first we would quickly pop into the Nespresso shop to try some of their different flavours.

We were chatting to the assistant about the various flavours when, crash Anne had a huge seizure, fell off a stool we had missed her climbing on, and banged her head on the marble floor. The sound of the crack of her head was terrifying and everybody ran over. A big pool of dark red blood seeped from the back of her head onto the marble floor, I was horrified, we were all horrified. As much as I wanted to help and I did, I hate the sight of blood, it makes me faint. I crouched down next to her trying to comfort her as much as I could while we waited for the ambulance.

Passers by rushed to help, a lovely mother and daughter who stayed throughout, mopping the blood, holding her hand and talking to her. They had been shopping for a dress for the daughter who had a big night out planned. They were wonderful people and told us helping Anne was far more important. The shop closed their doors and put screens up in front, they were just amazing, they even passed around espressos.

Anne was taken to hospital over an hour later, it’s amazing how long it takes for them to arrive and treat a patient on the scene. I kissed Anne and Linda goodbye and said I would call them later and headed for my car. I thought about how quickly things can change. There could be a fork in the road for all of us hidden from view and ready to knock us off of our feet, we never really know what is ahead.

I saw a shop and dashed in a bought a dress for an extortionate amount of money. ‘Who knows what is around the corner’ I told the assistant as she wrapped it in tissue. I hope the young girl who helps has a fantastic night out tonight.

I just spoke to Anne on the telephone, she is feeling much better and is on the way home with the two large cuts on her head repaired. I hate to think what could have happened today, it could have been so much worse.

I was jolly on the phone and sang her ‘Humpty Dumpty’.

Bits and Pieces

Daily prompt word – Grain

A grain of sand, a speck of dust,
minuscule pieces of the earth we trust.

Set together, they grow into form,
whole and real, what we see as the norm.

In isolation, their use would cease,
no use on their own to man or beast.

Castles without sand would not exist,
neither would cleaners if dust didn’t persist.

Massed together and what do we see,
the wholeness of earth, we love to see.


Daily Word Prompt – Grain

There is suggestion that we are living in a holographic type universe and reality does not exist unless we look at it.

Think of the possibilities here if this is true.

Judge – Did you receive the final demand for payment of the quantity of sand you had delivered to your home.

Accused – Your honour, yes the letter said I owed the money, I saw this when I looked at it but when I tucked it away into my kitchen draw, I knew it couldn’t really be there.  I have been reading about quantum physics your honour and I don’t believe this court has a grain of evidence against me.


Another Phase

Daily Post word prompt: Phase

<a href=””>Phase</a&gt;

An email dropped into my inbox telling me that my blog was too heavy and depressing for one so young and so full of vitality. Oh dear, just when I was thinking about writing some more about death. Do I unplug the laptop or continue, I’m at a loss.  The trouble is death is on my mind a lot these days. Not my death, I have no plan for my own demise yet, although that does creep into my dreams sometimes, but the death of others. I get caught up in the death of those I have loved, I suppose I’m still in the processing stage, it’s a phase I’m going through.

The email came from a well meaning aunt, she feels a responsibility to her nieces and wants us to be happy, I will tell her not to worry, it’s only another phase.  I have been through numerous phases in my life, starting I suppose with the ‘why?’ phase as a toddler. I have forgotten more phases than I can remember and that’s a good thing, but there have been few over the years.

There was of course the crazy Bay City Rollers Phase. I loved Derek on the drums dearly, he didn’t say or sing anything much, but I couldn’t choose Les as he was already taken a few times over by all the other girls on the estate. Derek was the least popular so I had a better chance, well that was my reckoning at the time. I wore his scarf tied around my wrist for the whole summer. It wasn’t his actual scarf but his tartan and I wore it constantly even sleeping in it and wearing it on the beach as a stylish swimsuit accessory.  When the phase was over and David Essex came into my life the posters were ripped off of the wall without a seconds thought and the scarf was dumped.

A number of other phases came and went, some like crushes, lasting fleeting moments and some lasting a little longer. The black phase was funny, dressed with my friend head to toe in black, the ‘Black widows’ we called ourselves and my god did we look weird. I think it lasted less than a week, probably until all the black stuff was in the laundry basket and we had to give up, put on our jeans and get back on our bikes.

I had a number of different man phases as is wholly natural when trying to find a soul mate. The gangster phase I’m not going to say much about apart from the excruciating embarrassment of my college tutor calling me a ‘gangers moll’.  Then of course the inevitable marriage phase which never really worked and went on for a while longer than it should have.

I think now I have finally reached a new phase. I’m now focussing on me, getting to know my true self as we tend to do as middle age creeps in. I think it must be connected to ageing and the arrival of the death instinct.  Anyway this involves me attempting to gain an understanding myself without the attachments I have always needed to feel real. Maybe my death obsession is also connected to the letting go of attachments.  Who knows, it’s probably just another phase I’m going through.

Phase of You

Daily Prompt Word – Phase

<a href=””>Phase</a&gt;

A simple phase your going through,
in love with me, it can’t really be true.

A blissful moment of time stood still,
here with me now of your own free will.

I must be dreaming, I must be asleep,
to believe that you are here for keeps.

Break me in pieces, I surely won’t mend,
our love affair can never ever end,

Don’t tell me if you leave, just go away,
I just want to remember you here today.