Day out with a Bang

Daily Post Prompt – Fork


We never know what is just in front of us, what could happen that will change the course of events.

This was brought home to me today, when I met my friend for a girly catch up at a shopping centre. I needed to get an outfit for a wedding, a special wedding, so I wanted it to be something lovely. The plan was to stop for some lunch and then wonder around the shops to get the perfect outfit, hopefully a lovely floaty dress, maybe a cheeky glass of wine.

Linda, my best friend, had her foster child with her as the day centre was closed. That was okay with me I love Anne, I’ve know her years. We met her when we were both working with her when she was seven. It wasn’t very long before Linda knew she could give her a home and now Anne is twenty-three. Anne has special needs and brain damage from her early life experiences, along with this she has epilepsy. Anne functions at around four years old but we know how to meet her needs and help her feel safe.

We had a lovely lunch time chat and Anne had a big bowl of chocolate ice cream. I got some nice photos of her, which is hard as she puts on a false smile if she thinks her photo is being taken. The photos were so nice we thought we would pop along to the photo shop to get them printed off. Only first we would quickly pop into the Nespresso shop to try some of their different flavours.

We were chatting to the assistant about the various flavours when, crash Anne had a huge seizure, fell off a stool we had missed her climbing on, and banged her head on the marble floor. The sound of the crack of her head was terrifying and everybody ran over. A big pool of dark red blood seeped from the back of her head onto the marble floor, I was horrified, we were all horrified. As much as I wanted to help and I did, I hate the sight of blood, it makes me faint. I crouched down next to her trying to comfort her as much as I could while we waited for the ambulance.

Passers by rushed to help, a lovely mother and daughter who stayed throughout, mopping the blood, holding her hand and talking to her. They had been shopping for a dress for the daughter who had a big night out planned. They were wonderful people and told us helping Anne was far more important. The shop closed their doors and put screens up in front, they were just amazing, they even passed around espressos.

Anne was taken to hospital over an hour later, it’s amazing how long it takes for them to arrive and treat a patient on the scene. I kissed Anne and Linda goodbye and said I would call them later and headed for my car. I thought about how quickly things can change. There could be a fork in the road for all of us hidden from view and ready to knock us off of our feet, we never really know what is ahead.

I saw a shop and dashed in a bought a dress for an extortionate amount of money. ‘Who knows what is around the corner’ I told the assistant as she wrapped it in tissue. I hope the young girl who helps has a fantastic night out tonight.

I just spoke to Anne on the telephone, she is feeling much better and is on the way home with the two large cuts on her head repaired. I hate to think what could have happened today, it could have been so much worse.

I was jolly on the phone and sang her ‘Humpty Dumpty’.