I Watched..

I watched myself walk out of the sea, I watched as I drew closer, a mass of water but indisputably me. I recognised myself and recognised the others that also walked from the sea, not as people I knew, but as beings all the same.

The sea was rising up to join the land, the sea was coming home to join us. We could do nothing but watch as the sea walked on in.

I met myself and merged as one with the sea, I became whole. I understood that I had been part of the sea all along, my need to be beside it was because it was part of me. The sea was not just a body of water it was alive, living and part of all of us, the part that we left behind at some point in the past. For the first time in my life, I felt complete, I felt awake and I knew.

How long had we been separated, lifetimes, since land broke away, lifetimes since we were truly ourselves. Why parts of us had left was unclear, but they were home, we were once again ourselves. We could feel as the water spilled in, feel as it flushed out the forgotten, feel as it replenished.

People continue to walk from the sea, they flow into land in search of themselves.


This was my dream last night, I look out to sea today from my balcony in wonder!

My Parallel World

Last night I had the strangest of dreams, I returned to a place I’d been before but it had changed. I spent ages finding my way around although I knew the place of old. I believe some building work had been going on and I was trying to find a supermarket I used to go to but it took a while. I found it eventually and went in to do my shopping, I felt much better having found my bearings.

When I woke up I had the strangest feeling I’d visited myself in a parallel universe,  parallel world or different lifetime. I had been so familiar with the way things had been and so confused by the changes that had been made, but for the life of me I don’t think I’ve ever been to this place. I laid there in bed going over it in my mind, trying to pull from my memory how I knew this place and had memories of it being so different. I travelled to every country in the world I have ever visited or lived and couldn’t find it. I’m baffled by the dream, I can’t get it out of my mind.

Now if it was a different lifetime, I believe in past lives as you know, it would have been a different era, but it wasn’t it was sort of now. The people in my dream, were the people I know now, well some of them, but again they were slightly different. I wondered if I am alive somewhere else at the same time, could the theory on parallel lives be true.

I had the feeling I was in the US, I’m not sure where, it might even have been Canada but certainly that side of the Atlantic, I just can’t remember it. It really was the strangest of dreams because when I first woke up I couldn’t quite work out which place was the dream and which was real.

I’m having the weirdest of dreams at the moment, this is just one of many that are playing on my mind. I suppose I have moved, I am in new surroundings and a little confused. I wondered if any of my readers can make any more sense of it.



What is a dream, it’s so hard to see

Is it a book in our minds that we read 

With reams of pages turning fast

A book that’s short and never lasts

What is a dream, can we really hear

The audible bits that seem so clear

Action through my dream as I walk

That don’t make a sound, but I hear you talk

What is a dream, can we truly feel

As we are touched it appears so real 

At other times, when we reach out

Our arms are left empty, no feeling about

What is a dream, do we fly high

As the things we see go flying by

Scenery changes as quick as you like

From brightest day to darkest night

What is a dream, can we honestly eat

The fruit I taste, appears so sweet

But when I think more, it’s very rare 

That I even consider eating there

What is a dream, can we just speak

As when I try it comes out so weak

Sometimes I really try to cry out

But the noises I make will not come about

What is a dream, can we plan before 

Can we book our dreams, then some more

Because if I could plan my dream today

It wouldn’t end with you going away 

Dream of Death

I dreamt you were dead, withered and dry

You left me alone without saying goodbye

Shrivelled and drooped you gave up on us

No longer proud, with strength I could trust

Your sweetness of smell, turned to a musk

Blood red of your colour, now memory just

My nightmare continues, it goes on and on

I can’t say goodbye, I’ve loved you so long

Tears they will fall, the memories may fade

But not for the moment, we still have today

Then on the compost, you’ll come back again

Feeding the good earth, how you’ll remain

But just for tonight, please stay here with me

My roses, my beauties, you showed love to me







My mother took my hand last night. She led me to a place of being, where I could just be still and rest in that stillness.

I could see her hand but no more, I followed because I could feel and I trusted in that. I understood her intent, although we did not speak. I knew there was no need for words.

I sat and just was. I didn’t think, I didn’t look around, I just was. I was everything there ever was and everything that will ever be.

I accepted and was and here today, I am.

Flowers on the Railway


The flower on the side of the railway tracks looks out of place in this grey urban environment.  But the flower, like many others like her along tracks, still reaches up daily in prayer to the sun.

She has hope for future generations, she is positive about the future for her kind.  In the distance, if she stretches up above the grass she can see the downs, she knows that flowers just like her grow wildly there and flourish.   She is at peace knowing that through pollination, her kind will also one day live in those hills.

In just a few weeks the bees and butterflies will be back and her prayers may come to fruition.  Until then she will continue to allow the wind to sooth her and perhaps help a little along the way.

She continues to dream of a better future for her kind.