My mother took my hand last night. She led me to a place of being, where I could just be still and rest in that stillness.

I could see her hand but no more, I followed because I could feel and I trusted in that. I understood her intent, although we did not speak. I knew there was no need for words.

I sat and just was. I didn’t think, I didn’t look around, I just was. I was everything there ever was and everything that will ever be.

I accepted and was and here today, I am.

6 thoughts on “Stillness”

  1. Hey, being an obvious lover of writing I want to nominate you for the three day quote challenge if you check out my page for the rules. Hope you’ll accept 🙂 B.E

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      1. Yes by all means start tomorrow 🙂 I look forward to reading your quotes. You can make up your own original ones if you like, or choose your favourites. It could also be sharing your fave passage from a book. If you google the rules that should help guide you 🙂

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