Take Time

Taking time to sit a while,

to contemplate what’s real.

It does’t take an awful lot,

it’s only time that we steal.

Focus on an empty mind,

let thoughts just fall away.

Fall like petals on the wind,

as those branches sway.

To find a space of stillness,

so vast and full of peace.

Just focus on a quiet breath,

let any movement cease.

This time is of the essence,

as so crucial in our lives.

Taking time to just be you,

to rid our lives of strife.




Relish – DP


Find time in the day to be at one with yourself, find space and silence to sit and do nothing.  To do nothing but clear your mind.  Relish in the stillness you find there, breathe it in and become part of it.  Be at one with nature, as the flower is in a garden swaying in the breeze of life.  

~ Liza



In response to the Daily Prompt – Relish

Power of Me 

While sitting in the silence, I’m listening to my breath.

All becomes much clearer, I’m with myself at best.

I focus on the in breath, before I let it gently leave.

I know that I’m connected, it’s something I believe.

Sitting in the power now, reaching  higher planes.

I find myself within myself, I have returned again.

Lessons of eternity, stored somewhere in my heart.

Power of self you see, I’ve been here from the start.

The multiple aspects of me, take stillness to understand.

Some are in the present, but some in another land.

I’m body, mind and spirit, the complexity of me.

I fit together perfectly, if I’m in this space you see.

Pathways of my Mind



 I step onto the pathway, I check my footings sure

I’ve taken many turnings, as sure there will be more

Check to see I am grounded, I want to stay on track

I focus where I want to go, I can as easily turn back

I have to watch for pitfalls, my mind I must direct

 To remember where I go, at the time that I reflect

My whole life is pathways, of one sort of a kind

The real and the emotional, so many of my mind

I’ll take another step today, to grow a little more

A pathway will present again, of that I can be sure.



A sidewalk to me is unfamiliar, I don’t think I’ve ever really used the term even in short the time I spent living in the US and Canada. For todays prompt of I’m changing it to pathway and I hope you’ll forgive me, but pathway is more familiar and I’m not jumping off my pathway to walk the sidewalk 😉





My mother took my hand last night. She led me to a place of being, where I could just be still and rest in that stillness.

I could see her hand but no more, I followed because I could feel and I trusted in that. I understood her intent, although we did not speak. I knew there was no need for words.

I sat and just was. I didn’t think, I didn’t look around, I just was. I was everything there ever was and everything that will ever be.

I accepted and was and here today, I am.