Power Shower

So I took a powerful shower,

let the water spray on me.

Closed my eyes as it poured,

wondered what I would see.

I felt it run across my skin,

poured right down inside.

There wasn’t any part of me,

that the water didn’t ride.

I felt the waters energy,

as it gently cleansed my soul.

Surged right throughout me,

pulling me back whole.

It soothed a raging fire,

ran throughout my earth.

Settled down any excess air,

I’m again as I was at birth

And as I dried myself again,

stepping from the shower.

I knew that I had filled myself,

restored all my inner power.



Power of Me 

While sitting in the silence, I’m listening to my breath.

All becomes much clearer, I’m with myself at best.

I focus on the in breath, before I let it gently leave.

I know that I’m connected, it’s something I believe.

Sitting in the power now, reaching  higher planes.

I find myself within myself, I have returned again.

Lessons of eternity, stored somewhere in my heart.

Power of self you see, I’ve been here from the start.

The multiple aspects of me, take stillness to understand.

Some are in the present, but some in another land.

I’m body, mind and spirit, the complexity of me.

I fit together perfectly, if I’m in this space you see.