Dream of Death

I dreamt you were dead, withered and dry

You left me alone without saying goodbye

Shrivelled and drooped you gave up on us

No longer proud, with strength I could trust

Your sweetness of smell, turned to a musk

Blood red of your colour, now memory just

My nightmare continues, it goes on and on

I can’t say goodbye, I’ve loved you so long

Tears they will fall, the memories may fade

But not for the moment, we still have today

Then on the compost, you’ll come back again

Feeding the good earth, how you’ll remain

But just for tonight, please stay here with me

My roses, my beauties, you showed love to me




5 thoughts on “Dream of Death”

  1. Aww! It’s rose. I was expecting that you are going to tell about someone special! 😝.
    Kidding 😀. It’s a very sweet poem. Nice thought about the rose.

    Liked by 1 person

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