Men Flutter to Me….


Daily Word Prompt – Dream

As a child I dreamt of being a singer, I sang into my hairbrush while standing on the table imagining my adoring crowds below. I sang Marlene Dietrich’s, Falling in Love Again, holding my hands up to the light at the part where the moths gathered around the flame, getting burnt.

Everybody laughed at me and because of this I became even more dramatic, throwing myself onto the floor at the end of the song to entertain the crowd. I sang at every given opportunity to everybody’s dismay, because as I have since learnt, I can’t sing.

My birthday’s are dreaded by friends, because it’s my day and give me a few drinks and a party atmosphere, I will want to sing. I consider my friends lucky that I grew out of blasting out ‘I will Survive’, although I do still have a tendency to select the big numbers that I haven’t a hope in hell of singing. My sister bought me an at home karaoke machine, I think she was secretly hoping I would get bored and give up my dream or at least try keeping it to myself.

I always wanted a boyfriend who would play the guitar or any instrument for that matter, and sing for me, but for some reason this has also escaped me. Maybe this has something to do with the theory that like attracts like, but I continue to listen out and live in hope.

Now, I tend to sing alone, I sing in the shower and sing along with Nina Simone and Billie Holiday on a Sunday morning. I dream of taking singing lessons and learning sing at least one song before I die. I’m getting on and learning to sing is now on my bucket list. Before it’s too late or not possible, I’m going to bloody well do it!

4 thoughts on “Men Flutter to Me….”

  1. I like to see dreams being realized not killed. I wish I had been around you; I would have seen that dream realized. It’s not late.If you like singing, there is no reason why you should not sing and become a star. God cannot put that burning desire in you for nothing. Whatever voice you have, God wants you to use it to sing. Please, go for that dream with more passion and faith and never stop till you have become the great singing star that God wants you to be.


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