My Other Selves

I woke up in the night and realised that I exist in multiple places. I can visit myself and learn from myself at will as each version of me holds something that I need to grow. I realised that I (as I think of each of them) can also visit me and I am able to inspire as they inspire me. We don’t all realise this, each of me that is, as I have only just discovered it for myself.

I am so many different of expressions of myself, I’ve grown in a multitude of ways, flowering from the child we all once were. My pathways have crossed and then again they have not, we’ve read the same books yet taken different messages and we’ve learnt from our experiences, the experiences we have had as our other selves.

We’ve met the same people although they are also completely different, each moment and every action changes the outcome, changes our lives. But we continue to grow to exist in all our forms.

I am highly evolved and not evolved at all, while I know, I also know nothing, I give and I take and each of these is me, each of my actions touches all of us. If I am kind, one of us will be touched by kindness, if I am cruel we will suffer cruelty and love pours through all of us if it is given unconditionally.

I knew I was dreaming, I woke momentarily and went back in, it was so clear, a sleeping, waking dream. I knew with all my heart that this is what I’d been looking for, I wasn’t surprised, it all made complete sense. I knew also that I could share this with others, teach them how to find themselves, it is so very simple.

I met a man named David, he’s important in lots of my lives and yet I don’t know him in this one. It could be he passed me by and I was busy looking elsewhere, he may come back again.

Last night I thought this was the most powerful dream I had ever had, I felt it was more than a dream, it was a lesson. I knew I could return, I finally knew how.

Today, I’m alone and it’s gradually slipping from my memory!





I had a dream last night that I was given a message that I would die today, it was written in the peal of an orange, but that’s beside the point. 

It was a strange dream, I went from one scene to the next and it was all mixed up as dreams are. I was myself and I was someone else, I looked out of my eyes and watched myself at the same time. I received a parcel full of gifts, letters from people I know and don’t, thanking me for helping them, some of the things I wasn’t aware of doing. There were presents too, a camera, lots of things wrapped up, gifts I didn’t get time to open before waking and an orange telling me today is the day you die. 

My sister was with me in the dream, she walked beside me. She’s staying with me at the moment, she arrived late last night. Now I think this is just the weirdest dream but laying in bed this morning, it made me think, what if it was my last day and how would I spend it.

I sort of wanted to get out of bed and be the nicest version of myself I could be, give my sister a lovely day. I thought in my blurry still half asleep state, it’s a good job I know, I can make sure all my choices are right, I won’t waste time on anything.

Funny how we waste so much time, we waste others time too in not living life to the full. In not saying how we feel, or doing what we say.

I’m not too sensible, I sleep with the phone beside my bed frying my brain, but I picked it up to look at the time and it opened on a ‘new post’ page. I thought I would share my dream, share an opportunity.

Now I hope none of us are going to die today, but wouldn’t it be great if we all made it the day we might, say the things we mean and do those things we say. A day of in case, because for a number of people in the world it will be. 

Take time today to tell people how we feel, say thank you and make that call we always mean to make. Look around as if we are leaving, does the housework really need to be done today.

Imagine leaving the world and thinking why did I waste time, when I had so little of it left. I don’t want to waste time today, not that I think I will die, I know it was just a weird dream, but because any day I might and one day I will!



Where do you go to?


Where do you go to when you sleep,

have you ever seen me?

I travel the universe and back,

it’s in great colour that I see.

Met a good man who woke me up,

I very clearly saw his face.

The sky was gold and a sea of blue,

I’m not sure of the place.

He gently put his hands upon me,

I saw through to his soul.

It was in that very moment of time,

that my heart he stole.

He wrapped it with a ribbon,

before opening it out so wide.

I felt this all throughout me,

as tears of happiness I cried.


Where do you go to when you sleep,

have you met him as well.

I’m sure you think him magnificent,

through his eyes you can tell.

Have you heard a voice in your dreams,

gently carrying you through.

I know that he’s from another place,

I wish I could be there too.

But try as I might I cannot get there,

as he always comes to me.

I just wish that he’d come more often,

I think I love him you see.

But I know that he can never be mine,

he’s only helping me along.

Maybe one day I’ll get to that place,

to find that he has just gone.



Daily Prompt – Heard


Risotto ;-)


I made a roasted butternut squash risotto today, a bit of something to do mixed with using up what I had in the cupboard.  While stirring the rice I got sort of transfixed watching it move around the pan.  It got me thinking, what if a big spoon came down to earth and gave us all a big stir.  Can you imagine where you might end up, a beach, on top of a mountain or in the middle of the sea.  Nothing you take for granted this minute would be there, no friends, family, possessions, it would be just you in what your wearing.  I imagined myself ending up in a coffee shop, I found myself sitting next to a writer of all people!

Thinking about this I wondered if this would be good for the human race, stir us all up and send us out into the world to start again.  Think of it, no religion or at least followers or congregations left, no political parties to follow as they would have been separated like my rice and no wars as the enemy would have broken up and soldiers dispersed.

I sort of think it might be a good idea, I think we would have to make the best of what we had left, make new friends, think for ourselves as society would no longer make the rules.  I would imagine society would come about at some point but for the time in-between we would have to fend for and think for ourselves, we would be our own masters.  I think love and kindness would be much more prevalent as we would all be on our own, we would have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Anyway my risotto was smashing, I wonder what I should have for desert  😉



Drowning in Dreams

Dreaming is on my mind at the moment, I’m drowning in dreams. Not drowning in the physical sense but immersed in the detail. My dreams are magnificent and confusing at the same time, they lift me up high and leave me feeling desolate and out of touch.

I’m a big ball of emotion so it makes sense my dreams would reflect this. There is lots of water in my dreams, still and powerful, rough and deep, waves crash against land as if trying to destroy  it. I am the land and the water is my emotions I would imagine.

I dream in colour, beautiful colour that dive into and become.  Colours also represent my moods and I bring the colours back to my waking state. Morning moods are representations of my dreams. It can take me a while to adjust to the day.

I dream of big houses, mansions and temples with many rooms. Ceilings that never end and lead to somewhere out of reach. I think I am exploring my mind, chamber by chamber.  The water I spoke of is always around the walls or I cross it to get inside.

The people I love visit my dreams, those no longer here and those I’ve lost touch with. We don’t necessarily talk but we understand each other, we speak with our minds or telepathically. I don’t feel my mouth moving but I look out of my eyes I think, I don’t see myself but I feel myself.

I learn things in dreams that I find to be true when I’m awake.  Some things don’t make sense to me immediately but might later.  I’m fascinated by my dreams at the moment, the in between is my waking hours. I so look forward to going to bed at the moment, I’m finding it’s a festival of discovery.


What is a dream, it’s so hard to see

Is it a book in our minds that we read 

With reams of pages turning fast

A book that’s short and never lasts

What is a dream, can we really hear

The audible bits that seem so clear

Action through my dream as I walk

That don’t make a sound, but I hear you talk

What is a dream, can we truly feel

As we are touched it appears so real 

At other times, when we reach out

Our arms are left empty, no feeling about

What is a dream, do we fly high

As the things we see go flying by

Scenery changes as quick as you like

From brightest day to darkest night

What is a dream, can we honestly eat

The fruit I taste, appears so sweet

But when I think more, it’s very rare 

That I even consider eating there

What is a dream, can we just speak

As when I try it comes out so weak

Sometimes I really try to cry out

But the noises I make will not come about

What is a dream, can we plan before 

Can we book our dreams, then some more

Because if I could plan my dream today

It wouldn’t end with you going away 

Universal Dream




Are we awake right now, living in the minute

or we just dreaming, just thinking we’re in it

is all of this an illusion, created by our minds

could it be we are asleep, not even humankind.


Is the planet our creation, but not really here

just all experiencing the dream, so very clear

And if that is the case, oh, where in hell are we

are we just a stream of thought, nothing else can see.


via Daily Prompt: Facade