A Snack


You can’t beat a good old cornish pasty by the sea. Warm out of grease proof paper it’s a fine snack

I don’t eat meat, so although the traditional Cornish Pasty is meat and veg, mine was vegetarian. I ate this in the picturesque village of Mousehole at the southern tip of Cornwall, not far from Lands End. Years ago miners used to take these pasties down into the tin mines, they would have meat at one end and a desert like an apple filling at the other.

As a youngster I insulted a Cornish woman when she asked me if I’d ever tasted a proper pastie before. I told her of course as they were sold in every chip shop in London. I had to go around to her place the following day to taste a proper one and I must admit, they are nothing like the soggy excuse of the pasties I’d had before.

I have favorite snacks wherever I go, in Spain it’s Pedron Peppers, I’m over the moon you can buy them easily in the UK now. These little peppers are fried in olive oil and salt until they blacken and served as a tapas. Every now and again one of them is very hot and there is no telling which one, it’s a good idea to have a cold beer on the table!


I’d always rather savoury than sweet, I would always have a starter and a main that a pudding but some times I go all out and have the lot!





I just bet tomorrows daily prompt is diet!




Risotto ;-)


I made a roasted butternut squash risotto today, a bit of something to do mixed with using up what I had in the cupboard.  While stirring the rice I got sort of transfixed watching it move around the pan.  It got me thinking, what if a big spoon came down to earth and gave us all a big stir.  Can you imagine where you might end up, a beach, on top of a mountain or in the middle of the sea.  Nothing you take for granted this minute would be there, no friends, family, possessions, it would be just you in what your wearing.  I imagined myself ending up in a coffee shop, I found myself sitting next to a writer of all people!

Thinking about this I wondered if this would be good for the human race, stir us all up and send us out into the world to start again.  Think of it, no religion or at least followers or congregations left, no political parties to follow as they would have been separated like my rice and no wars as the enemy would have broken up and soldiers dispersed.

I sort of think it might be a good idea, I think we would have to make the best of what we had left, make new friends, think for ourselves as society would no longer make the rules.  I would imagine society would come about at some point but for the time in-between we would have to fend for and think for ourselves, we would be our own masters.  I think love and kindness would be much more prevalent as we would all be on our own, we would have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Anyway my risotto was smashing, I wonder what I should have for desert  😉