Where do you go to?


Where do you go to when you sleep,

have you ever seen me?

I travel the universe and back,

it’s in great colour that I see.

Met a good man who woke me up,

I very clearly saw his face.

The sky was gold and a sea of blue,

I’m not sure of the place.

He gently put his hands upon me,

I saw through to his soul.

It was in that very moment of time,

that my heart he stole.

He wrapped it with a ribbon,

before opening it out so wide.

I felt this all throughout me,

as tears of happiness I cried.


Where do you go to when you sleep,

have you met him as well.

I’m sure you think him magnificent,

through his eyes you can tell.

Have you heard a voice in your dreams,

gently carrying you through.

I know that he’s from another place,

I wish I could be there too.

But try as I might I cannot get there,

as he always comes to me.

I just wish that he’d come more often,

I think I love him you see.

But I know that he can never be mine,

he’s only helping me along.

Maybe one day I’ll get to that place,

to find that he has just gone.



Daily Prompt – Heard