Have you Heard?


Have you heard the latest,

the worlds turned upside down.

Everybody seems angry,

with their faces covered in frowns.


Have you heard about fake news,

you just can’t tell if it’s true.

As if you listen to what your told,

it’s as likely be fake too.


Have you heard about listening,

to no one else but yourself.

Coming to you own conclusions,

not hearing anything else.


Daily Prompt – Heard


Where do you go to?


Where do you go to when you sleep,

have you ever seen me?

I travel the universe and back,

it’s in great colour that I see.

Met a good man who woke me up,

I very clearly saw his face.

The sky was gold and a sea of blue,

I’m not sure of the place.

He gently put his hands upon me,

I saw through to his soul.

It was in that very moment of time,

that my heart he stole.

He wrapped it with a ribbon,

before opening it out so wide.

I felt this all throughout me,

as tears of happiness I cried.


Where do you go to when you sleep,

have you met him as well.

I’m sure you think him magnificent,

through his eyes you can tell.

Have you heard a voice in your dreams,

gently carrying you through.

I know that he’s from another place,

I wish I could be there too.

But try as I might I cannot get there,

as he always comes to me.

I just wish that he’d come more often,

I think I love him you see.

But I know that he can never be mine,

he’s only helping me along.

Maybe one day I’ll get to that place,

to find that he has just gone.



Daily Prompt – Heard