So go tether me up if you want to,

it won’t stop me from flying away.

Leave me out in the wilderness,

I’ll cope and get through the day.

I’m more than just that body see,

I go travelling within my mind.

You think you see me tied up there,

I’m gone, I’ve left myself behind.

I travel seas and mountain tops,

fly through skies of deepest blue.

Sometimes when your sleeping,

I’m there and come close to you.

I’m bigger than the body you see,

won’t fathom it with your mind.

A rope won’t ever tie me down,  

you my capturer won’t ever find.




How Deep? 

So what is great depth 

and how far does it go.

Is it found in a place, 

where nobody goes.

How deep should we travel, 

is it found in our minds.

Like the deepening of thought, 

in philosophy we find.

Who knows we’ve been there, 

how would one know.

As to look at another, 

the mind does not show.

To ponder on questions,

does not tell us much.

So how far is great depth,

could it be beyond touch.



Drowning in Dreams

Dreaming is on my mind at the moment, I’m drowning in dreams. Not drowning in the physical sense but immersed in the detail. My dreams are magnificent and confusing at the same time, they lift me up high and leave me feeling desolate and out of touch.

I’m a big ball of emotion so it makes sense my dreams would reflect this. There is lots of water in my dreams, still and powerful, rough and deep, waves crash against land as if trying to destroy  it. I am the land and the water is my emotions I would imagine.

I dream in colour, beautiful colour that dive into and become.  Colours also represent my moods and I bring the colours back to my waking state. Morning moods are representations of my dreams. It can take me a while to adjust to the day.

I dream of big houses, mansions and temples with many rooms. Ceilings that never end and lead to somewhere out of reach. I think I am exploring my mind, chamber by chamber.  The water I spoke of is always around the walls or I cross it to get inside.

The people I love visit my dreams, those no longer here and those I’ve lost touch with. We don’t necessarily talk but we understand each other, we speak with our minds or telepathically. I don’t feel my mouth moving but I look out of my eyes I think, I don’t see myself but I feel myself.

I learn things in dreams that I find to be true when I’m awake.  Some things don’t make sense to me immediately but might later.  I’m fascinated by my dreams at the moment, the in between is my waking hours. I so look forward to going to bed at the moment, I’m finding it’s a festival of discovery.