To want something, you are lacking something.  When you feel you want something because you need this thing to make you complete, you cannot be complete. 

I wonder what it might feel like to want for and need nothing?


21 thoughts on “Wanting”

  1. Good question. I have never contemplated that as I don’t know if not wanting or needing or lacking is even humanly possible… interesting post hun. Hopefully more clever people will provide better answers 😋😉😆

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  2. I guess, most of the things we ‘want’ we do not ‘need’. When basic needs are fulfilled we start to fulfill the ‘want’ dreams. We have this idea, to go up the society’s hierarchical ladder; this is the norm. Only, if we compare with what other’s have or wish to acquire. Most ‘needs’ are essential but ‘wants’ are competitive pursuits to create a place in society. (My interpretations)

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    1. Yes I agree with you, wanting and needing absolutely help us feel good about ourselves and help us fit into society. They are desires of the ‘I’sub-conscious self that help us to feel better. When we reach a place of not wanting / needing I suppose we are living in the present and connected more to our conscious state. Interesting and I think your interpretations are spot on.

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      1. The irony is, we are given a concept of ‘freedom of choice’ and yet, coerced at subliminal level to comply and be like everyone else to stay relevant, or be looked at as some dysfunctional individual. We have twisted the simple philosophies of existence to wound us tightly that leaves little room to maneuver.

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      2. We can make the choice to distance ourselves from that rat race, it’s difficult for sure but the older I get the more easier I find it to be a little different, a little that is I’m afraid. I think creative people artists, poets, writers might find it easier because they come from a place of being different. Thanks for your thoughts Amitav, they are most appreciated 🙂

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      3. A very valid point made by you. Yes, it is indeed a ‘choice’. Creative community, as you mentioned do take their work seriously and they want to work without the distractions. I stopped watching TV for more than 2 yrs now(waste of time and distraction). All creative people share on common dream of creating works of intense philosophy which can change the perspective of this world. Always a pleasure talking to you on these topics. Many thanks.

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      4. You too Amitav, I have also given up watching the news and reading papers lately, I’m not sure how long it will last but I don’t want to be brainwashed any longer. I also think that if all we read is horror and fear it is what we take in and it becomes part of what we are. Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂

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      5. For me I have made up my mind no more TV or print media in my house. I do not wear a watch, because being a slave of Time is irritating. 🙂 I do not have the time to ponder over the negative frequencies of TV and subliminal coercion through any other media. My social media presence is mostly WordPress and Twitter, that’s it.
        Wishing you a wonderful evening.

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  3. I have to say I agree with Amitav’s first response, and also yours, Liza, since I find that for me, living within my meager means keeps me more humble and less needy. And I also agree that when needs are met, then wants take over, at least it should work that way, although many are heavily in debt because they allow the wants to take over before the needs. Just a thought.

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      1. I know right, it’s a long process lol sometimes with chagrin, sometimes with cheer and delight. Let’s face it, we’re ALL a work in progress. If only the young would listen to OUR words of wisdom, they wouldn’t repeat those mistakes, lol

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      2. Yep, most people do. I was one of those if you put your hand close to the fire, it’s hot, don’t go closer types, and I watched what others went through, and chose a different path, that’s not to say I haven’t made plenty of mistakes either, I most certainly have.


    1. Absolutely, I think so much of what we want is connected to happiness or what we think will make us happy. Sometimes I think we are filling a happiness void in us that is bottomless. Peace of mind maybe to help us feel we are not lacking. I’m not always sure that I still want all the things I have wanted. Today I want for different things, connected more with growth and understanding. That’s not to say I won’t fall back into the trap at any moment 🙂

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