Sunday Questions

Is it a far away place I’m looking for,

a place far away from here.

Will I be leaving what is real,

what I already have very near.

Who is the ‘I’ that is searching,

and who is the ‘I’ that thinks.

Am I really disconnecting,

each and every time I blink.

So where is the self enquiry,

while I’m engaged with my mind.

What’s the point in longing,

and what am I trying to find.

The search begun when I found me,

separate from anything else.

The road is long and lonesome,

a road I will walk by myself.

Our lives are all about meetings,

the things we find on the way.

And the waking up is endless,

there’s always another day.





The Most Precious Thing in my Life Is?

I was in a workshop yesterday, I was given a piece of paper with the words ‘The most precious thing in my life is…’ I had to finish this sentence off.  It was off the cuff, I didn’t have time to think about it I just had to stand up and do it.  Well I didn’t have to but I agreed to give it a go.

The most precious thing in my life is…… knowing myself, because only through knowing my true self, can I know anyone or anything else outside of this.  If I find life through my heart, not allowing myself to be led by my mind or ego I can truly connect with life.  My connections will be meaningful, my understanding will be deeper and my view of life outside of myself will be my own, or at least from my heart.

I spoke quite a bit, rambled on maybe, but that was the gist of it.  I’m on a journey of self enquiry, I’m looking for the meaning of life, I’m discovering my purpose and this is very precious to me. There are a lot of precious things in my life, people, memories, nature, writing, but I think they are precious because I connect with them from the heart.

I’m sure our views change daily, dependent on circumstances and emotions but this was how I felt yesterday and today.

Can you answer the question, I would love to hear your views in the comments?

Self Examination

Self examination is to look into ourselves deeply, in truth and without ego. This can be beneficial to our development and growth if it is done in honesty.  It is essential that we consider all aspects of the self, the areas we have excelled in and those we continue to struggle with.  To relentlessly focus only at the areas in which we have failed or need improvement does not do justice to the whole self.  Recognise those things that come naturally, such as empathy and love and consider how you will do better in those areas in which you struggle.  When we grow from soil that is nourished and fed we grow beautifully.

~ Liza 








Self Reflection

Who do you see when you look into the mirror, do you recognise yourself as the person you have always been or is there a new and deeper image coming through now.  How closely are you looking at yourself, can you look beyond the outer surface and see and feel your own heart?  Does love you give out shine back at you through your reflection?  If not, wipe the mirror and look again.

~ Liza



I believe…



I believe in self enquiry, to connect with ourselves on a deeper level, to find peace within ourselves in our most natural state.  I believe in sitting in silence, switching off the outside world, thoughts and ego.

I believe that through our connection within, we can then connect externally to the universe, we are then at one with all of nature, at one with the universe.  I  believe we find this state when we put ourselves aside.

I believe it essential to know ourselves on a far deeper level before we can hope to know and understand another.  We owe it to ourselves to understand ourselves, as to understand ourselves is to understand the human soul, we are really just reflections of each other.

I believe that we are all connected in some way, but cannot recognise this connection until we have really connected with ourselves.  We are at one but also separate depending in which state we are living.

I believe that all possibilities start from within, it is there the fertile seeds are planted that  grow into our external realities.  Believing in ourselves, our capabilities without putting up barriers of self doubt brings those possibilities closer.

I believe that when we connect to the presence within, the presence that is all knowing and non judging we find our true selves.

I believe it is essential to forget that which has been told, that what we have learnt and find our own answers, those that sit well with us and feel right.  

These are my beliefs, I wonder how they sit with yours.