Self Examination

Self examination is to look into ourselves deeply, in truth and without ego. This can be beneficial to our development and growth if it is done in honesty.  It is essential that we consider all aspects of the self, the areas we have excelled in and those we continue to struggle with.  To relentlessly focus only at the areas in which we have failed or need improvement does not do justice to the whole self.  Recognise those things that come naturally, such as empathy and love and consider how you will do better in those areas in which you struggle.  When we grow from soil that is nourished and fed we grow beautifully.

~ Liza 








6 thoughts on “Self Examination”

  1. I love how you use the metaphor of “growing from soil”. Reminds me a lot of the Bible and some other mythology. And I agree with you – we all focus on the bad aspects of ourselves sometimes, but there’s always something good to recognize within ourselves as people.

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