I believe…



I believe in self enquiry, to connect with ourselves on a deeper level, to find peace within ourselves in our most natural state.  I believe in sitting in silence, switching off the outside world, thoughts and ego.

I believe that through our connection within, we can then connect externally to the universe, we are then at one with all of nature, at one with the universe.  I  believe we find this state when we put ourselves aside.

I believe it essential to know ourselves on a far deeper level before we can hope to know and understand another.  We owe it to ourselves to understand ourselves, as to understand ourselves is to understand the human soul, we are really just reflections of each other.

I believe that we are all connected in some way, but cannot recognise this connection until we have really connected with ourselves.  We are at one but also separate depending in which state we are living.

I believe that all possibilities start from within, it is there the fertile seeds are planted that  grow into our external realities.  Believing in ourselves, our capabilities without putting up barriers of self doubt brings those possibilities closer.

I believe that when we connect to the presence within, the presence that is all knowing and non judging we find our true selves.

I believe it is essential to forget that which has been told, that what we have learnt and find our own answers, those that sit well with us and feel right.  

These are my beliefs, I wonder how they sit with yours.


11 thoughts on “I believe…”

      1. Yes, I’m finding it very exciting and realise the more I think, the less I know. I’m loving this philosophical journey I’m on and connecting to those like yourself, who stimulate my thinking and encourage me. I am very grateful to be where I am at the moment : )

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      2. That’s a fantastic philosophy. We never know much. Until and unless we accept this fact, we cannot learn and be an eager student of philosophy. One has to be a seeker with humility to comprehend more. Thinking and introspecting and being in the moment is the key. 🙂

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      3. I couldn’t agree more, it seems I agree with you a lot, but we are both students searching for answers. I find I have more humility now than ever before and more open to discovery. Exciting times for sure although I have to remind myself of all my responsibilities, like feeding the cat once in a while!

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