Clearing the Mind


It’s a bit like clearing spiders webs,

when trying to clear my mind

With random thoughts suspended,

on trails I left behind

Venture through dark passages,

wade murky depths as well

To chase the monsters lurking there,

not a place to dwell

I’m searching for a crystal pool,

it’s so calm and very still

 Casting to catch inspiration,  

link intention and free will 

 Paint a picture in the font,

then bring it home with me

Splash it high on skies above,

so that I can’t help but see

My quest to sort my mind out,

might take me many years.

With a range of wild emotions,

glued together with my tears

10 thoughts on “Clearing the Mind”

      1. I live in North Devon. I belong to this soil, but I wish I belonged to the soil of Sussex. It’s like a different, happier, world.
        I loved Brighton – I was fascinated by those beach pebbles with holes in them. I’d never seen those before. I like unusual details.
        And Hornbeam – such beautiful trees – we don’t have them either.

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      2. Yes, those pebbles are unusual, I have several as they are supposed to be lucky! Brighton is different, weird and wonderful, I’m lucky to live here. Devon is also beautiful, used to holiday there as a child and it brings back lovely memories of cream teas 🙂

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      3. I made a necklace out of a heap of those pebbles, as a joke gift for my (adult) niece. It weighed a ton, and she doesn’t like carrying around useless pieces of junk…
        I agree, you are lucky to live there. Devonis lovely, but it’s an unhappy county these days. Even people from Birmingham and Manchester say that the drug problems in my home town are greater than where they come from.

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