My Strange Travels

I visit a parallel world in my dreams,

a small voice at the back of her mind.

I’m sure it’s my parallel self that speaks,

when I think things I’d not be inclined.


I travel across there while I’m asleep,

and I’m starting to feel quite at home.

She’s a life so similar yet different,

it’s like here with a fork in the road.


As I travel through time to see myself,

I’m as sure she can come visit me.

So I give time to those whispers I hear now,

I’m listening out for myself you see.


My other worlds not a strange place,

but a new place I’m getting to know.

I’m a very small spark of inspiration,

a whisper on a frequency that’s low.





I sit here in our sunny spot, my mind connected to you.

The times we laughed, the joy we shared, it all comes pouring through.

The moments spent together here, will last forever more.

I tap into your spirit, close my eyes, go through the door.

I breathe in deep, let cares flood out, I sense you coming through.

I surrender now completely, what happens here is true.

You step a little closer now, glorious beyond the veil

In your amazing glory, no longer sick and pale.

Your smile so wide, your eyes so bright, I feel your love so strong

This place I come to often, you always come along.

I sit here in our sunny spot, we laugh, we smile, we know

That your only ever a thought away, I call and you will show.