Universal Dream




Are we awake right now, living in the minute

or we just dreaming, just thinking we’re in it

is all of this an illusion, created by our minds

could it be we are asleep, not even humankind.


Is the planet our creation, but not really here

just all experiencing the dream, so very clear

And if that is the case, oh, where in hell are we

are we just a stream of thought, nothing else can see.


via Daily Prompt: Facade

Facade – DP



Your life is just an illusion, you will realise it one day

masquerade without the ball, why care what others say

the mask you wear to cover up, does not fit your face

with a semblance of dignity, you’d get out of this race.

Why do you hide your true self, behind this gross facade

keeping this act ongoing, must be so incredibly hard

the veil in which you stand behind, is wearing very thin

I suggest you face reality and let you real friends in.



via Daily Prompt: Facade