My Other Selves

I woke up in the night and realised that I exist in multiple places. I can visit myself and learn from myself at will as each version of me holds something that I need to grow. I realised that I (as I think of each of them) can also visit me and I am able to inspire as they inspire me. We don’t all realise this, each of me that is, as I have only just discovered it for myself.

I am so many different of expressions of myself, I’ve grown in a multitude of ways, flowering from the child we all once were. My pathways have crossed and then again they have not, we’ve read the same books yet taken different messages and we’ve learnt from our experiences, the experiences we have had as our other selves.

We’ve met the same people although they are also completely different, each moment and every action changes the outcome, changes our lives. But we continue to grow to exist in all our forms.

I am highly evolved and not evolved at all, while I know, I also know nothing, I give and I take and each of these is me, each of my actions touches all of us. If I am kind, one of us will be touched by kindness, if I am cruel we will suffer cruelty and love pours through all of us if it is given unconditionally.

I knew I was dreaming, I woke momentarily and went back in, it was so clear, a sleeping, waking dream. I knew with all my heart that this is what I’d been looking for, I wasn’t surprised, it all made complete sense. I knew also that I could share this with others, teach them how to find themselves, it is so very simple.

I met a man named David, he’s important in lots of my lives and yet I don’t know him in this one. It could be he passed me by and I was busy looking elsewhere, he may come back again.

Last night I thought this was the most powerful dream I had ever had, I felt it was more than a dream, it was a lesson. I knew I could return, I finally knew how.

Today, I’m alone and it’s gradually slipping from my memory!




A Broken System

Everything is breaking down, 

breaking out of what was.  

The system doesn’t work at all, 

it’s intrinsically full of flaws.

Everything that has always been, 

won’t last and it’s falling apart.

To put things back and together,

change right now is smart.

Boundaries have moved along,

we are waking up to the truth.

Not those islands we once were,

loosing the fear of our youths.

The time has come to live in truth,

start living more from our hearts.

Each and every human on earth,

might need to make a fresh start.

And so the days are waking up,

the darkness is not here anymore.

An urgency to change right now,

if not we know what’s in store.



Layers of the Universe


There are many layers to this universe,

we only live in one.

The others remain unseen to us,

maybe hidden by our sun.

There are fundamental principles,

dictating what we can see.

I’m wondering if it’s just the same,

for the flowers and the trees.

Do they see the nuances,

the waves between the light.

Do they show their beauty,

to things that are out of sight.

Can they see the others,

that walk between our thoughts.

Can they hear the music,

that bounces as we talk.

Our minds make sure it’s kept away,

trained by us you see.

That’s the subtle difference,

between a human and a tree.

We think too much to ever see,

the beauty that’s around.

There’s far more than we’ll ever know,

between the sky and ground.

An energetic field of light,

dances but yet unseen.

Some might see the flashes,

the purples and the greens.

Close your eyes and look some more,

shut out that blocking mind.

There’s far more in the universe,

but we’re only humankind.



The Universe Speaks

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and have a feeling that I understand all the universe has to offer, it makes complete sense and I wonder at how it has taken me so long to understand. It is like a long awakened memory, that has been pushed down so far its feels fresh and new.

I can only compare this feeling to something menial like solving a difficult maths problem, building a flat pack wardrobe without the correct instructions or tallying end of year accounts. What seems to be an insurmountable problem, suddenly makes sense and fits into place with ease. Have you ever wondered at what took you so long on a job well done, thats the feeling I have when I wake up in the middle of the night with the certainty that I know all thats humanly possible to know.

I’m so smug, elated, overjoyed. I can tell the world where to find what it has been searching for so long. I don’t need to write it down, it is so clear in my mind, perfect, perfect, perfect. I lie there for a while thinking about how I can use this gift, until I drift back to sleep again.

I wake up, it has gone, I’ve lost it. I know it is in my mind somewhere buried deep in my subconscious but for today it’s lost. I have this dream often and yet I haven’t written it down despite the notepad by my bed. I know I will have the dream again, it is my calling the universe is communicating with me. I know one day I will remember what it has to say because otherwise the universe wouldn’t talk to me.

When life goes wrong

When you take a hit and life goes the wrong way, it is very easy to blame the universe. I mean you can’t possibly blame yourself can you, that would be daft, it is obviously down to someone or something you have absolutely no control over, it’s not your fault.

I’m not talking about every day occurrences, your numbers not coming in on the lottery, your holiday company closing down with your money or your laptop crashing. I’m talking about the big hits, like losing your home and having absolutely no idea what you will do next, how you will survive. A life-changing event any way that knocks you off you feet at a point in life you were simply not expecting it.

These things happen every minute of every day to millions of people and yet when they happen to us they are catastrophic. Why, because it happened to ‘me’ and it is not fair. What have I done to deserve this we ask, friends ask the same and show pity, although from a distance on occasion, as a run of bad luck can be catching.

When I look back on my life, I’m 50 by the way. None of the awful things that happened along the way are awful today. They all led me to where I am now and until this recent bit of bad luck, life was pretty okay. In fact, if some of those at the time awful things, hadn’t happened, life might be pretty awful.

When I think back to painful experiences, does it still hurt? Although I can remember how I felt at those times and appreciate the pain I experienced, it doesn’t hurt any more. I’m pretty much all healed, and I think for the majority of the time, better off for the experience.

We trundle along in life, not noticing what is going on a lot of the time until we get knocked off our feet. Bang, bloody big reality shock, life as we know it has crumbled into tiny pieces, so small they won’t fit back together. This is how the universe wakes us up, lets us know we were nodding off and getting boring. These alarm calls are set to stimulate us, alert us to every tiny detail of our existence.

Have you ever noticed at times like this how sharp everything looks, how sound echoes and feelings intensify? Enter your true friends and out and good riddance to those hangers on. Although we don’t know it at the time these are the best of days, these are the start of our next chapters and we only have to turn the page to get there.

I have had a bit of a hit recently but this time I have surprised myself. I’m excited by it, I’m eager and full of anticipation for where I’m going this time. The universe hasn’t let me down so far, as much as things might have seemed bleak at the times, the universe had a better view, the long view, and I put myself at its mercy.