Life After Death – A Poem

There is no life after death

if the idea of life is to live.

Yes, we exist in another space

but a kiss we cannot give.

Without a form of any sort,

we will float like a new idea.

Contemplating past mistakes,

of all those wasted years.

The body burnt or buried deep,

and no longer necessary.

We’ll go back to original source,

to go right back to many.

Separation far behind us,

realising we are all one.

We’ll exist in everything,

within the brightest of suns.

With the ego now far behind,

as it won yet another day.

Led us down the falsest path,

we followed what it had to say.

So there is no life as we know it,

all emotions will cease to exist.

So make the most of those senses,

in living a life full of true bliss.







To Die to the Ego

Our lives a vast illusion,

as it’s to die that we are born.

To die from all we believed in,

attachments must be torn.

To die inside and surrender,

realise that there is no ‘I’.

Only a falsehood of the ego,

and a fundamental lie.

To die to all we’ve created,

is to find our way to life.

Being only as the observer,

with no ownership of strife.

The ego will battle to exist,

we’re taking on a hard fight.

Moments every now and then,

we’ll know we have it right.

The slaughter of the ego mind,

is to die without hanging on.

It’s a fight for all humanity,

to find where we all belong.



Impression of a Flower



The flower whispered in my ear,

it was so close to me.

Heard it speak inside my head,

it wished to help me see.

For flowers grow as they do,

flowers come from love.

The flower told me gently,

it came down from above.

To work with mother nature,

to show us how to live.

To remind us of our promise,

in life we have to give.

Relying on the rains that fall,

the sunshine in the sky.

The flower is our teacher here,

the flower doesn’t lie.

It shows us how to open up,

to let things fall away.

To bow our heads at nightfall,

to wait another day.

Flowers feed all sorts of bees,

teach us how to share.

Doesn’t hold onto its pollen,

to give yourself is to care.

The flowers isn’t afraid of death,

knows it will return.

Always being springs to see,

lots more here to learn.

The flowers think we’re stupid,

in a sort of kindly way.

Not knowing we’re connected,

really don’t have a say.

We keep returning to the earth,

we get it wrong again.

Don’t understand our lessons,

judge them just as pain.

We remember more as babies,

but forget so very soon.

Unlike the gentle flowers,

we loose it when we bloom. 

It gave me a strong impression,

that it wanted to help me see.

So I would write a poem right here,

on how flowers want us to be.





Journey of Discovery 

Life is about opening, we cannot avoid it, each experience teaches us this. Each discovery opens us a little more, teaches us something new and we expand further. We discover our connection to all things, we open up and reach out. As we open to experience we grow into what we always were, we realise ourselves and all the potential we were born with, we become.

Opening up, awakening and realising self is not something that happens to the chosen few, it is something that happens to all of us from the very moment we are born, we just need to recognise and allow the process. 

Life is about finding ourselves, finding the force that travels with us, realising and becoming our authentic selves.

Think back now, think about your own experiences for a moment and what they have taught you. Ask yourself if you could have avoided them and if you had would you have learned as you did. Would these things have happened anyway in another way, was each lesson necessary, mine were.

And as we travel forward I know that there is more to come, we are here to learn, here to discover and within that make a difference. Life is simply a journey of discovery.


My Passions

I read this fantastic post by Kayla at essencentral  It inspired me to think about my own passions. In her post Passion and Purpose she asks a number of questions so I thought I’d have a go at answering them.

Please give Kayla’s post a read, it’s truly inspiring!

What puts a smile on my face?

People, my family and friends and people in general.

Relationships are important to me, I like to communicate and not on a superficial level either. I love deep conversation with like minded people. I like to explore emotions and I like to help others work out what’s meaningful, I like to find purpose to life. Sometimes we have to talk to bring out what’s inside and talking to others who understand is the best way to do this. I like to help others work things out, it makes me happy, it helps me feel worthwhile. I’m empathic and work with energy, I’m also able to connect authentically as a human being which is essential in building relationships. I like to look after people, I like to show others how to look after themselves or others. We are made up experiences and have amazing stories to tell, I like to help people tell their stories.

Writing, it’s the outlets for my thoughts, how I work myself out and make sense of my life or the world around me. I find writing both healing and inspiring, it’s a way to tell our stories.

Nature and the lessons it teaches us, the messages of growth and transformation, the beauty of it. I am always out in nature, it feeds me and if I’m out of sorts at all it heals me.


What do I find easy?

Communicating, I like people so it’s easy for me. I’m not afraid of my feelings either, I find it easy to express myself, I wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m not afraid of what others might think.

I’ve spent the last 20 years working with people traumatised by their experiences in therapeutic settings. I’m able to work in situations of crisis, I’m empathic but able to separate myself from the trauma and not take it with me.

I’m practical, I’m able to break things down into something that’s easier to manage and understand. This has been helpful in managing groups and individuals but also in direct work, helping others work out what might seem muddled and insurmountable.

I’m not afraid of public speaking, in fact I quite enjoy it even if I have to harness a bit of fire by putting on my lipstick and high heals!

I like to look after others, feed them, cook for them, care for them and make them happy. I like to cook, I find it easy and my friends seem to like my food, I’m usually the designated cook!

What sparks my creativity?

Love, nature, kindness, fresh food, colours, beauty and people and the words they use.

Stories, I think we all have a story to tell and I love to think about the story behind something. Walking in nature I like to think about what it’s saying, what is the message it’s giving. The world around us teaches us so much if we take the time to look and listen.

What would I do for free?

All of the above but it would be nice to be paid 😉

I will always help people, lends an ear, help them work out their problems. As a child I was called Liza the Advisor and it’s sort of continued although I won’t interfere, people have to want help. I don’t believe in telling others how to live their lives.

I write every day, it’s my therapy and I have to cook to eat!

What do I like to talk about?

Love, emotions, philosophy, spirituality, health…..

I like to talk but I don’t like to waste my words, idle chit-chat isn’t for me unless it is leading somewhere deeper. I like meaningful conversations even if we might be searching for answers forever as I love to philosophise.

I’m into spirituality and love to talk with like minded people, explore and learn new things. I’m constantly thinking about my purpose, where I’m going and if I’m on track, it’s important to me.

I love to talk but I think silence important too, we can discover ourselves in silence. To sit in silence with another can be incredibly powerful. Look into each others eyes and connect as souls.


Thanks for the questions Kayla, now for my passion plan 🙂


Watching the News?

I wasn’t watching the news, now I am, I’m stuck between not wanting to absorb all the hate in the world and living in ignorance while others are suffering. Living in my own little world of rose petals might be good for my soul but it doesn’t give me the opportunity to care about the souls of others.

I get it, I’m going to bed depressed again because of the world we live in, but I can’t turn it off because I live here too. It’s no use pretending I’m going to sit in my own little zen garden all day while there are people out there suffering because by the time I open the garden gate it might be too late.

I have to be careful what I take in, I know the news is full of trash. I also know we all live in our own personal echo chambers dependant of what side we sit with but I won’t ignore it anymore.  I talk about loving each other a lot in my writing, it’s something I live by and believe that love is the answer, so therefore I can’t shut myself off, after all where is the love in that?


A Broken System

Everything is breaking down, 

breaking out of what was.  

The system doesn’t work at all, 

it’s intrinsically full of flaws.

Everything that has always been, 

won’t last and it’s falling apart.

To put things back and together,

change right now is smart.

Boundaries have moved along,

we are waking up to the truth.

Not those islands we once were,

loosing the fear of our youths.

The time has come to live in truth,

start living more from our hearts.

Each and every human on earth,

might need to make a fresh start.

And so the days are waking up,

the darkness is not here anymore.

An urgency to change right now,

if not we know what’s in store.




Everything will one day go, nothing is forever.  However maddening this thought might be, our bodies will age, our looks will diminish and our hair will thin and maybe fall out. Our brains will slow down and our minds fail us at some point. Relationships will end and people we love will die. Friendships finish and new ones begin, people will continue to come in and out of our lives.

The house and car will age, the job finish, paintings and photographs will fade and those wonderful things we have around us will one day be junk. Savings rise and fall continuously, stocks and shares will go up and down.

The earth as we know it will change.  Shorelines will change shape, cliffs erode, air quality might reduce and stars will eventually run out of gas and die.

For everything there is a beginning and an end, nothing stays forever.  It’s a sobering thought isn’t it, that everything around us including the vehicle we travel in as our body will some day come to an end.

This makes it even more necessary for us to take care of our inner being, our spirit, soul, whatever you like to call it, because that I think this might be the only thing that will last, that will outlive all those things we think so precious.  My inner being, yours too, is not concerned with wealth or collections, they are the presence inside of this vehicle, just waiting and watching for everything else to end.

Daily prompt – Maddening sort of fitted 😉



Death is not that bad at all,

as it helps me to be alive,

Staring death right in the face,

I know I now survive.

I’m living in the moment,

who knows if I’ll get more,

I live today for what it is,

not caring what’s in store.

Future days may not exist,

if it’s today I’m due to die.

Is tomorrow really relevant,

if so I can’t think why?