Everything will one day go, nothing is forever.  However maddening this thought might be, our bodies will age, our looks will diminish and our hair will thin and maybe fall out. Our brains will slow down and our minds fail us at some point. Relationships will end and people we love will die. Friendships finish and new ones begin, people will continue to come in and out of our lives.

The house and car will age, the job finish, paintings and photographs will fade and those wonderful things we have around us will one day be junk. Savings rise and fall continuously, stocks and shares will go up and down.

The earth as we know it will change.  Shorelines will change shape, cliffs erode, air quality might reduce and stars will eventually run out of gas and die.

For everything there is a beginning and an end, nothing stays forever.  It’s a sobering thought isn’t it, that everything around us including the vehicle we travel in as our body will some day come to an end.

This makes it even more necessary for us to take care of our inner being, our spirit, soul, whatever you like to call it, because that I think this might be the only thing that will last, that will outlive all those things we think so precious.  My inner being, yours too, is not concerned with wealth or collections, they are the presence inside of this vehicle, just waiting and watching for everything else to end.

Daily prompt – Maddening sort of fitted 😉


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