Traces of You

I trace my hand across the page

of that book you loved so much.

Trace my fingers through the lace,

of the scarf you used to touch.

Trace the outline of your face,

on the glass of the picture frame.

Trace my fingers through the mist,

as I’m still spelling out your name.

You left a trace, no so much more,

on that day when you left my side.

I trace a teardrop down my face,

it’s this grief that I just can’t hide.





Everything will one day go, nothing is forever.  However maddening this thought might be, our bodies will age, our looks will diminish and our hair will thin and maybe fall out. Our brains will slow down and our minds fail us at some point. Relationships will end and people we love will die. Friendships finish and new ones begin, people will continue to come in and out of our lives.

The house and car will age, the job finish, paintings and photographs will fade and those wonderful things we have around us will one day be junk. Savings rise and fall continuously, stocks and shares will go up and down.

The earth as we know it will change.  Shorelines will change shape, cliffs erode, air quality might reduce and stars will eventually run out of gas and die.

For everything there is a beginning and an end, nothing stays forever.  It’s a sobering thought isn’t it, that everything around us including the vehicle we travel in as our body will some day come to an end.

This makes it even more necessary for us to take care of our inner being, our spirit, soul, whatever you like to call it, because that I think this might be the only thing that will last, that will outlive all those things we think so precious.  My inner being, yours too, is not concerned with wealth or collections, they are the presence inside of this vehicle, just waiting and watching for everything else to end.

Daily prompt – Maddening sort of fitted 😉


Tides of Change


I’m going through a difficult phase in life at the moment, you might or might not have noticed, but this influences what I write.  The structures around me are falling away, the tides are changing  as is what I once trusted and my priorities, I’m changing from the inside out.  But I retain hope, I believe there is something out there just waiting for me to discover it.

I know this change is the culmination of a number of difficult years where my experience of grief and loss led me to a point of reevaluation.  I’m not the same person I was five years ago, not even the same person I was a couple of days ago.  Things are moving fast for me now, I’m changing by the moment.  It’s an anxious time, but I’m trying to breath through it, hold onto my beliefs that everything is as it should be.  I’ve been here before and I did make it before just as I will again, that it’s a little harder this time is just evolution.

I believe life only gives us what we can manage, and although I’m not always sure at the time I will manage I have incredible resilience.  I have wonderful friends and family who provide the support network I need.  Some friends, I’ve begun to realise, are not what I once thought, but others feed my soul.  Bloggers I’ve met on here have been so supportive, I hope that I am also able to help in the same way, I try to inspire just as I’m inspired by you.

I’ve discovered nature, I have a deeper connection somehow through looking at the messages nature gives me.  I share these as I hope the messages might mean something to others.  Colours are brighter, feelings more intense, everything is changing but I think it must be for the better.

Nature tells me everything is going to be alright, the world will go on spinning.  Seasons will come and go and in some way there will be an impact on the environment, land will change shape, cliffs will erode, rivers will dry up or widen but they will continue to lead to the sea. Life in all it’s glory will continue as it should.







There are many flowers on earth and many seasons in which to bloom.  As each flower withers and dies another springs into life somewhere else.  To experience both joy and sadness in ones life is to understand balance, the changing of seasons of life, and that each ending brings with it the potential of a new beginning.

~ Liza



Is it Over…


I really tried to tell you, explain to you my path,
I only wished you listened, you really make me laugh.

Having all the answers, although you didn’t see,
the very subtle changes, that were happening to me.

Drifting up two different roads, traveling separate ways,
I hardly think you noticed, when I was gone for days.

So now you want to real me in, tell me that you care, 
tell me that I have it wrong and you were always there.

Well my love, my golden boy, I really thought you knew,
that you and I and all that jazz, are well and truly through

Leaving You


I have tried to leave you on a number of occasions, but it is impossible as you always conspire to keep me. I can make up my mind to go and then suddenly I find myself sitting on the beach with you, looking out at the vastness of the sea and wondering if I could really ever be truly happy anywhere else.

I often toy with being away from the craziness of us, I imagine being alone somewhere, maybe in a field, with just the birds singing. But I’m not, I’m still here with you, I stay as I always have since you came into my life. You give me that constant buzz, there is always something going on with us, you still amuse me.

I don’t remember when we first met, it was so long ago and in those first days we just danced and flirted with the idea of us. It wasn’t until much later that I knew I had to be with you.  I packed up my home without a seconds thought and moved to be with you.  I wanted to merge with you, be a part of you, I knew I loved you.

It was hard at first, we were different, your people were different. I had to make changes, I had to soften my edges. You are always changing, still changing, but you’re still the same in the most important ways. You’re welcoming, you always look after everyone, you want them all to have a good time, night and day you keep going.  I remember the festivals and music we danced to, I remember the newness of everything, the excitement and the joy of living.  You still excite me, although I see all sides of you now.

The people you have introduced me to will always be in my life, wherever I go. You knew they would be my people, those crazy, weird and lovely people. Then there is the kindness and love I have discovered here, discovered in myself. I’m not sure I would have found that anywhere else in the world, you gave me that, you provided the opportunities.

As with all great love affairs, I think one day we, you and I will come to an end. But our ending will be gentle, never painful, not us. I will eventually find the courage to leave you, but it will be gradual at first, a few days at a time until I can manage the final goodbye.

I will always love you, there will always be a special place in my heart. Brighton, you will always be my home.