Tides of Change


I’m going through a difficult phase in life at the moment, you might or might not have noticed, but this influences what I write.  The structures around me are falling away, the tides are changing  as is what I once trusted and my priorities, I’m changing from the inside out.  But I retain hope, I believe there is something out there just waiting for me to discover it.

I know this change is the culmination of a number of difficult years where my experience of grief and loss led me to a point of reevaluation.  I’m not the same person I was five years ago, not even the same person I was a couple of days ago.  Things are moving fast for me now, I’m changing by the moment.  It’s an anxious time, but I’m trying to breath through it, hold onto my beliefs that everything is as it should be.  I’ve been here before and I did make it before just as I will again, that it’s a little harder this time is just evolution.

I believe life only gives us what we can manage, and although I’m not always sure at the time I will manage I have incredible resilience.  I have wonderful friends and family who provide the support network I need.  Some friends, I’ve begun to realise, are not what I once thought, but others feed my soul.  Bloggers I’ve met on here have been so supportive, I hope that I am also able to help in the same way, I try to inspire just as I’m inspired by you.

I’ve discovered nature, I have a deeper connection somehow through looking at the messages nature gives me.  I share these as I hope the messages might mean something to others.  Colours are brighter, feelings more intense, everything is changing but I think it must be for the better.

Nature tells me everything is going to be alright, the world will go on spinning.  Seasons will come and go and in some way there will be an impact on the environment, land will change shape, cliffs will erode, rivers will dry up or widen but they will continue to lead to the sea. Life in all it’s glory will continue as it should.






45 thoughts on “Tides of Change”

  1. I, again, can very much relate. I have made a major upheaval in my life, jumping off the cliff for something better. I know I will fly as I have seen what beauty is out there. It’s there for both of us, so hold tight. You are going to make it through. I am excited to see what is on the other side for both of us!

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      1. Glad you do. There is so much good energy one being can give another and it multiplies…then returns because it is not lost. Like a string of pearls. Hugs are the gift you give and get in return. Namaste, Liza.

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  2. Times of change can be difficult, challenging and sometimes overwhelming. Often though, you appreciate them after the fact especially if you can embrace the journey but you are so correct, you are never the same person on the other side. You are courageous to face and accept the changes happening. I for one, applaud you.

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      1. Awe, thank you. I feel exactly the same about you. And yes, there are a few others as well, who make life so enjoyable and interesting and fun to be here and when you are out and about and I don’t see posts, I miss you. touching when you think about it, how much you come to enjoy another’s company, even though they are far away and you’ve really never spoken but a connection is made! and it’s very real and very special 🙂

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  3. I have found support in the blogging community too, your blogs are very meaningful and I think you give support to others without realising it. I think it’s a great way to connect with people and hopefully it helps you find where you need to be.

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      1. I am a strong believer in that if we don’t move in the right direction we get shoved along, change is exciting sometimes we stay still because it’s comfortable…..

        You need a bloody great shove because you have lots to do and let’s face it your no spring chicken 🙄😉

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  4. Somehow, I missed this post earlier! I am glad you have wonderful friends and family who provide the support network you need. You will come out on the other side a better person. Praying for you during these changes. Hang in there!!

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