Nature Lessons 96

A flower might get burnt by the elements, weather conditions such as wind, sun, rain and frost may cause it damage dependant on where it is planted and what challenges life presents it with.  We can also get burnt in life on occasion just like the flower, but like the flower, it does not always mean the end.  We can continue to stretch ourselves out and grow, we have at our disposal the power and strength of spirit to do this.  Ultimately those difficult episodes in life can act as a blessing, if we can just gather ourselves up, treasure and focus on what we have left.

~ Liza  



4 thoughts on “Nature Lessons 96”

  1. The resilience of flowers amazes me. Mine have now all died with the coming of winter, but they hung on for so long, reproducing, regrouping. Plant one seed, end up with a whole garden. One dies and another is quick to bloom. I learned a lot from my flowers. Again, Liza, thank you for these posts.

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